Orbit watch puts your watch in a spin

Design submitted by Gabriel from Romania.

Gabriel says: Although this design has nothing to do with the planetary system I decided to call it Orbit because the LEDs are rotating around the center of the watch.

The LED’s orbit around the center of the watch forming the time in an digital way. The numbers bend to the center forming a relative simple way to read the time.

I think this watch model suits those who want a modern and tech watch that keep the lines of a regular one.

17 thoughts on “Orbit watch puts your watch in a spin

  1. Beautiful renderings & a top notch idea!

    I like the ‘pop’ feeling with the colourful silicone straps which hits a nice balance of comfort, fun & quality.
    The textured face adds a huge amount to the overall appeal.
    Wrist images really help to solidify the concept too.

    Although I think we have seen circular digits like this before, this is a unique take with its own identity.


    • Dear Toky,

      can you combine this watch with my RESET (as for the idea of the tilt sensitivity, the animation from Gabriel reminded me of that) and an optional 4 number display from Lloyd’s Hi-Five LED watch concept? As you know, the more options a watch has, without overloading it, the better it turns out in the end. I would already have a royalty suggestion… for later I hope 😉



  2. As Toky mentions there have been a few concepts with this style of digit. This is probably the prettiest and most resolved so far. Very nice looking watch with a great animation and presentation. 5/Y best of luck! 😀


    • Thank you for the vote and feedback!
      I’ve seen the models which resembles mine after I designed this watch. In fact they are the two models mentioned by Sam in the above comment. 😀


  3. Very nice presentation and good looking watch. I think this watch alone could catch customers. I really like the structure of the watch face. It’s not just flat with lights, it’s detailed. 5*/YES/good luck!


  4. Love it. This is great on its own, with a fantastic animation. I would definitely buy this. I do like Sam’s idea too, as all three designs are great and having them all in one watch would be brilliant.
    Definitely a 5y for both routes to production. Good luck.


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