Infinity watch sends time plummeting.

Design submitted by Josh from Australia.

Josh says: I have been always fascinated by “infinity mirrors”, and watches, so I thought “why don’t I combine them?” after a bit of hard work, (and frustration with the modelling software I was using) this is what I came up with. I do apologize for the slightly horrible picture.

It features a glass front which wraps around the sides of the watch, and a stainless steel top and bottom with clear glass buttons at the top. To hold it in place is a black leather strap. Sadly, I couldn’t figure a new cryptic way to read the time.

I would see people who like simple, innovative designs wearing this. The illusion of the watch being deeper than it really is increases the premium feel.

The thing that stands out the most is that the time seems to be falling into a never ending void, hence the name “Infinity Watch.” the gorgeous glass panel that wraps around the front gives it that extra special feel.

9 thoughts on “Infinity watch sends time plummeting.

  1. Infinity mirrors are cool! We did have one a few years back … “Jive Turkey” I’d like to see it used again.

    This is a simple no-fuss design, but since its using LCD I would like to see an alternate mode in this watch beyond the digital reading so people have a choice of display.


    • Thank you! But I sadly wasn’t able to find a cryptic mode that wasn’t covered by you guys already! Maybe you (and the other commenters) might have an idea? If so I will try and make a revision.


  2. Hi Josh, Welcome to the blog! The infinity mirror subect has been a popular inspiration for concepts on the blog. There have been a few design using the principle in one way or another. I agree that your concept needs more of an edge to compete with the older concepts. Maybe the time could cascade over the edge of the display where the glass wraps around the side of the watch. That way it could be more visually dynamic and might not need to be more crytpic. Best of luck sir! 😀


  3. Hi Josh, not later that there was two weeks, I’ve been thinking about a watch with this style of mirror. TF, and Sam with the “Virtual Tunnel” had also thought about what kind of display, which I like.
    5 * / Yes, good idea.


  4. I’d love a watch using the infinity mirrors concept, so fully supporting this.
    The numbers don’t have to be too cryptic because the effect should have the wow factor anyway. Looking forward to seeing your revision.
    Good luck with this, Josh.


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