Evotch watch splits digits in two for code-like display

Design submitted by Wilhelm from South Africa.

Wilhelm says: Splitting digits is nothing new here on the TF blog, so I was inspired to create another version of this idea. My brief was simple; the watch must be easy to read, easy to be manufactured, while keeping the exclusive spirit of a TF watch.

The Evotch (Evolution + Watch), is a “always on” hybrid LCD design with a LED backlight function in a dual face plain or black anodized steel casing giving the module the appearance to have two displays. Splitting the digits gives the idea that the digits are a mysterious code only the owner can read.

This idea is for those TF fans who prefer something easier to read, while the “always on” LCD display makes it a ideal watch for most occasions.

The dual display split digits give this watch a mysterious appeal that will intrigued any bystanders while it is designed to be exclusive and extremely user friendly.

19 thoughts on “Evotch watch splits digits in two for code-like display

  1. You have cleverly arranged the gap through the digits to be just right. It’s far enough for you to interpret it as two separate levels of cryptic code, but then just close enough for your eyes/brain to solve the illusion.

    At first glance I was mystified, but once I made the connection it seems totally natural. A great visual success!

    Also, I am liking the industrial/military sci-fi feeling, reminds me of the old 12-5-9 which is certainly a good thing 🙂


  2. nice dual display, making them look like already showing all information. splitting up digits is a nice and simple way to create confusion but it’s also easy to read once you know how. full black watch with red for me 🙂


  3. As Patrick mentions this is not the first split display design to hit the blog but it is a very fine example.
    I like the proportions and the display has the right balance of ease of reading and crypticness.
    I also like the military feel and the logo being between the two halves of the display is a nice detail that adds a quality feel.
    I cant see anything that I would want to change, nice work sir! Best of luck 🙂


    • Thanks Pete. Like I said, this idea isn’t new, just another example to split the digits. It was something I designed months ago, but the original idea was too close to other ideas already on the blog, so I left it unfinished until I came up with this version. I have searched the blog to see if it was done before.


  4. I like it. How did you come up with the proportions of the digits, as well as the gap? Are the half digits 2 units wide and one unit tall, and is the width of the gap (north/south) one unit tall, the same height as the half digits? Have you experimented so that the two halves of a digit are equal in width and height after the split (i.e. measuring from top edge of digit, across the gap to bottom edge of digit equals the width of a digit?


  5. I agree with all that has been said already. We may have seen split number designs before, but then along comes one that makes you think “this is the one”. Well, here it is. I just can’t decide between the all black red or green. One of them will get my money. Good luck and 5y.


  6. nice idea to confuse people. but for my taste it is too easy to figure out. people expect to see a time on a watch and the mental step-up you have to do to read meaningful digits is too small.

    but maybe I’m wrong here – obviously you confused yourself enough, to make the last example displaying 28:36. 😉


  7. I agree with TF about the “military/sci-fi look” & like it. I prefer black on black. I like that it look like an LED watch but it’s an LCD (specially with the back light on). I like the division to create confusion.

    I’m not sure about doubling the heights of the central segments. (I did a few that had a divided segment, but they where divided 50/50, not doubled) Sadly, it’s needed for the symmetry!

    An idea (& it’s just an idea) would be to integrate them to the part where the name appear ( similar to TF Heko, but with bars instead of dots. http://www.tokyoflash.com/en/watch_museum/tokyoflash/heko/ ) & have 3 segments over & 3 under.

    I’d buy 1.


  8. Split and conquer, this new version will catch the wrist easily, especially if you’re into military look.
    Nice job. Wilhelm Good luck 🙂


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