Space Digits (cubed) futuristic clock-radio concept

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following design concept is inspired by an existing Tokyo Flash wristwatch Space Digits.

Then takes the next logical step, by transforming it in to a cubical FM / DAB Radio & CD player Bedside Alarm Clock. I call this design: Space Digits: Cubed

The Cube has multiple LCD / LED displays each which display different digital information both Front Face: horizontal: Alarm, Time / vertical: Date as well as other digital information such as CD track Number ,  CD Number of Tracks, Volume Level or Temp F / C etc on the left / right & top faces of the cube (See the Diagrams proved).

Anyone who owns a Tokyo Flash: Kisai: Space Digits wristwatch & is look for an alarm clock to match in their home.

This design concept represent is an unusual, futuristic bedside Alarm clock.

Furthermore if successful more of Tokyo Flash watches or those of other designers could also be transformed into alarm Clocks (With their creators Permission of Course).

10 thoughts on “Space Digits (cubed) futuristic clock-radio concept

  1. I think it would be great for us to make a desk clock or wall clock. If it can be done cheaply & we can keep the price low, it would be a nice addition to the TF collection.
    Andrew has the right idea here by selecting one of the easy to read models, I don’t think I would want something too taxing at 7am!


    • Cheers TF, for posting this latest concept. Perhaps changing the style / shape of this design into a wall / desk clock would be simpler / more practical than waking up to a complex radio alarm clock. Thanks for your input & support for the idea behind this design. I Just decided that i wanted to create something other than just another Digital wristwatch .


  2. Nice outside….er……inside….the box thinking Andrew! Its a cool concept for sure. I think that the gaps between the digits may want to be slightly bigger for clarity as some of the examples would look very busy with tired eyes. It would be cool to see some TF clocks in the world! 5/Y Best of luck sir! 😀


    • Well said Pete thanks for input regarding spacing between digits this should help with the clarity of the display/s. I would be great if other TF or designer concept where turn into clocks as well as wrist watches. PS, cheers 5 star vote of support Sir!


  3. Really different concept here, Andrew. Well done!

    I like the idea of a TF desk or wall clock, but I’m not sure I would go for a clock radio. Challenges like ease of reading when sleepy and the fact that DAB radios display a lot more info about the stations / music would both put me off this.

    If this is turned into a desk clock, without the radio features, I’d go for one, so scoring on that basis.

    Good luck and 5y.


    • Thanks for your comments Nev Other people / designers have mention that this design / concept could work better a as a desk / wall clock the rather than an alarm clock as shown. PS cheers for the 5 star Vote.


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