Room watch uses 3D walls to show time.

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided to design a watch which looks like mysterious apartment, to realize something architectural style.

At the first time It looks too difficult tell the time . About  after short studying  it’s very easy. It using 3 block. 1 block (looks like second room at the apartment-hours in the center, 2 block  (side walls at the first room at the apartment)- minutes, 3 block  (ceiling and floor at the first room at the apartment)-seconds

Peoples who likes architecture, who likes 3d shapes, hi-tec style in  watches and fashion.

Architecture style, using 3d effect and new way in telling time.

16 thoughts on “Room watch uses 3D walls to show time.

  1. Fascinating design Andy, the orange one really pops doesn’t it?
    At first I had trouble grasping the minutes/seconds readout, but actually quite obvious. I think I was thinking too much!

    I really like the way the hours can be a hand pointing & I think an alternative mode could be programmed into the watch so that this can be carried over to minutes as well.

    Is there a possibility it could display digits too? 9 squares might not be enough, but it looks like the floor/ceiling could do it. Very versatile if so. I bet there could be some interesting animations as well.


    • Thanks for you comment, Tokyoflash!
      You are right, sometimes we have think less.
      I think we can add an animation: ghost flying in an empty room or dancing showgirl 🙂


  2. By the way: The commenting Captcha should now be fixed – sorry for any inconveinence caused the last few days.


  3. Very nice simple and very clean design. Love the feeling of depth. I agree with Toky that it would be really cool if you could choose between a few different time telling modes. One of my favourite designs of yours Andy, I just hope the score improves. 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  4. Hi, Andy! Would you consider making a person scaling the building, and the figure could represent the current second? That way it would appear to jump from window to window (could alternate which arm/foot is raised to further create an illusion of movement). Maybe when the single second digit is ‘0’ the figure could jump to the north wall, to the window representing 10s of seconds. I KNOW Mushy loves this suggestion!


  5. Room is a cool name for a watch. Time is told nicely but the concept looks a bit too much like some concepts in the blog (maybe two or three) and like the Space Digits watch. Yes, they are different but the first impression is the visual aspect, then comes the deeper meaning. As for the visual aspect, I have to say no. The deeper meaning, the way you place 3×3 squares (which aren’t super new too) on the “walls” is nice. I think other concepts from you are stronger.


  6. This simple design has been well thought out. I like the way the full watch face has been used and even seconds get displayed.
    The initial design principle may be similar to Space Digits, but the final design is very different and I do not think there would be any problem having both in the watch range – one for those that like simplistic digital displays (Space Digits) and one for those that like more complex visual displays (Room).
    This certainly deserves a better score, but definitely 5*/Y from me – good luck.


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