Hanabira flower watch blooms over time

Design submitted by Robert from Hungary.

Robert says: Hanabira is an LCD watch concept. I wanted to create a new type screen with a really new type minute hand. The minute hand is virtual, but its end draws six curves in every hour, and these curves together will be a six-petal flower.

There are 24 simple hour indicators around the central hexagon. The axis of the virtual minute hand is wandering inside the central hexagon. It has six fixed positions. One position lasts for 10 minutes. The minute hand draws a six-petal flower in 60 minutes.

This watch is not for women only. But probably this watch is for them as a gift from their lovers. This flower blooms 24 times a day.

This is a gift-watch-for-women concept with a blooming flower. The wandering axis of the virtual minute hand, that can draw a flower, is a really new twist.

6 thoughts on “Hanabira flower watch blooms over time

  1. Thanks Robert,
    Overall I think this has an attractive shape & the use of hours doing am/pm 12/24 at the same time is pretty neat.
    The flower I find a little confusing, but I do see how it eventually points to 10, 20, 30 etc around the clock face which is quite clever too.
    The potential is there & with some work on styling I think it could be quite beautiful.


  2. What TF said, baiscally. The hours look very good, it’s a tidy solution for a 24h display. The minutes seem to me to need some refinement. As it is I find it very difficult to see exactly what the current minute is. But it is an attractive shape, and it mut be possible to make it a little clearer.

    The first solution that comes to me would be to split the circle segments in half, divide them into five single minute indicators and light them clockwise from the top. That way they would correspond to an analog watch, but you’d probably lose some of the elegance… Anyway, there must be some clever way of solving it. Best of luck!


  3. Very Nice looking design Robert, I have to agree with Anders and Toky about most of the points they have already mentioned. The hours work great and its nice to see a 24hr format in analogue format. The minutes look great but are tricky to read. If it was me (and I mention this because I had an idea for a design with a similar shape) you could have the petal shape as a physical form or outline screen-printed etc and have 10 blocks in each petal. So you arent having to create the shape, therefor the blocks can be filled in a more intuative manner from the 12 o’clock position clockwise etc (this would work nicely in LEDs with a physical petal shapes. either way there is potential here 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  4. The design is great.
    The minutes are harder to read, but as long as you remember that the end point of each curve is a traditional analogue style 10-minute position, then the minutes up to that become easier to assess (e.g. if the end point is 50 but only 2 minutes showing on that curve, the time is 42 minutes).
    Definitely a great, challenging watch and worthy of adding to the TF range.
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


  5. I like the case. Having flat sides & bottom/top ^ is safer than the other way. I like the hour. I have a similar idea in my sketchbook. I like having the minutes in the center. But, I don’t like the way the minutes are adding up. A traditional method would be better. & it would look better if the flower was always on & only a part of the () was off. The +1 to +4 minutes could be dots in it.


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