TacH1 revs its way onto your wrist!

Design submitted by Humberto from Bolivia.

Humberto says: I am a fan of vehicles, speed, adrenaline … then the idea came to me because I have not seen any place a modern, technological clock that looks like a part of a vehicle, so I decided to try an instrument that gives indication of speed x time.

A Tachometer…. is very simple, it has to press the button that is in the center of the screen as if the clock is off you can not see inside and even less time. So pressing the button for a needle in the clock lights like the numbers and the rings around the clock, the needle goes from 0 to 12 as RPM’s and then stops at the current time, as the internal display gives min x 5, individual rings give 4 individual minutes depending on the time.

I see all kinds of people wearing this watch, because at some point in their lives might have visual contact with a tachometer on a vehicle and would know about it is this design, especially the fans of the vehicles would be happy with a design like that.

All designs posted on this page have something great, they came from different ideas, this design would not be an exception since it comes from a revolutionary idea

9 thoughts on “TacH1 revs its way onto your wrist!

  1. Hi Humberto,
    I too am a bit of a petrol head myself so I appreciate all car inspired designs. I dont think this is the first Tachometer inspired design thats hit the blog but I like it anyways. The four rings around the diameter are especially cool. I dunno how easy they would be to make but who cares. Nice work sir 5/Y and welcome to the blog.


  2. thank you very much, it’s my first contribution and I’m glad you like it, I was inspired by a piston engine and the tachometer so that’s why the rings around.

    thanks for the welcome.


  3. You’ve nailed the ‘performance car tachometer’-look with the style of the numbers, that’s for sure…=)
    The rest of it seems to have a nice, clean look to it as well, which I like.

    The piston ring-style indicators around the outside are certainly thematic enough, and I can’t image it being impossible to make (but then I’ve designed some pretty out-there stuff…=)

    I do wonder how easy they would be to read, though. I s’pose you’d have to get used to looking at it from an angle, and compared to the mental gymnastics required by some other submissions that should be childs’ play…=)


  4. Not quite the first watch that looks like the part of a vehicle (Manometro wristwatch designed by Giuliano Mazzuoli), but I like it. (y)


  5. I the overall look & the time-telling. I instantaneously loved the scale hours & the position of the digital minutes but wasn’t sure about the +1 to +4 idea: It give a more unusual feature to a watch that can be categorized in the “too standard” category, but make it harder to know the exact minute. But I have a TF Blade & it’s not a problem.
    But I like the idea that when someone ask the time you can say that it’s 4:04 when it show 4:00. If he see it, he will be confused! (I have a few watch like that)

    They could be kept as a decoration & even light as +1 every 15 minutes (1 between 00-14; 2 between 15-29; etc)

    I like it & would buy one.


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