Clasp-less “Ouroboros” futuristic LED watch

Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: This design originally started off life as a concept called Diced. The idea came to me all of a sudden and i began doodling, the rest, is history. I wanted a simple yet effective watch face so i stuck with the good old tried and tested analogue format.

The squares are lit up and indicate what the time is. Its basically a LED version of an analogue watch/clock face. Hours are around the outer edge, 10 X Mins on the next layer of squares in and 1 X Mins on the inner 4 squares.

Lovers of futuristic looking devices and bright shiny LED watches should love this…plus, it doesnt have a usual watch strap…

Ouroboros has a bendable metal watch strap that can be pressed around your wrist and will hold firmly and with comfort. this will not only negate the need for strap fittings but will add an extra dimension of style and character to this item. Eye animations will also give the watch the feeling that it is alive on your arm.

16 thoughts on “Clasp-less “Ouroboros” futuristic LED watch

  1. Hi guys its the “not-so-newb” again…

    Hope you like this design. Thanks so much to TokyoFlash for posting this one. Many thanks indeed.

    Hope you like the “eye” animation, it was a last minute inspirational addition that just needed to be added…if the watch ever gets made i think the eye should be a definite!



  2. Nice looking watch Pelly! Simple and clean with a initiative time telling, the eye like animation is cool too! My only issue is that it has a similar feel to one of my own concepts, so if I had to choose I would be somewhat biased. That said I would be happy if either got made! 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


    • Hi petey boy me ol mip skip jimminy bob matey. Glad you likey and cheers for the support. I was unaware of you having a similar design, im never one to want to “step on toes” if you know what i mean.

      Im pretty sure if i was in your position id be similarly biased lol. But still…gmta huh 😉


      • No worries Pelly, like you say GMTA. The concept I mentioned is pretty old so you would have to back well over a year for the last iteration. Visually they are quite different but the basic concepts are similar, not that it matters. Mine obviously didnt capture TF’s imagination so hopefully yours will fair better! best of luck sir! 😀


      • Cheers buddy. Even if TF don’t take on the single “bendy” strap idea then maybe they’ll look more closely at the watch face and it’s time telling concept for inspiration/production.

        Time will tell….hah…geddit!! lol


  3. The flexible clap-less strap as featured “Ouroboros” is a stroke of genius. Allowing the user to switch which wrist they wear this watch it on: Left / Right or attached some else say a back pack / bag strap or on a belt loop for example.
    Good luck.


    • Howdy doodle andy, glad your diggin the claspless strap. Its not often you see these kind of things so its kind of a risk for me to add it to the watch as im not sure how it will be received which is why ive tried to make the strap segments as funky and futuristic as possible.

      I never thought for Ouroboros to be hanging from someones belt loop of bag before, i guess this could be the nurses pocket watch of some kind of future hospital maybe lol.

      Glad you likey tho and thanks for the support buddy!


  4. Looks good. It’s cryptic enough to confuse others but easy to read when you know how. All in all, just right for a TF watch.
    The strap works well too, but to match the name, need to ensure that the end of the tail goes under the watch when wearing it (i.e. it is being eaten by the head), so needs to be long enough for that.
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


    • Thanks Patrick glad you like. I was only made aware of Petes designs after this was posted. I have had a look through the older submissions but there are far too many to look through. If this design does resemble some older watch designs then gmta I guess.


  5. I like the reading order. I prefer this order vs Pete/Sam model. I like the “tilted tiles” look. I wouldn’t buy because it’s a bit too conventional.


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