Octavius sci-fi wrist watch ideal for space travellers.

Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: This design was to be the eighth in my collection so I thought it would be quite apt to start with an octagon. Why not?!

As usual I didn’t really start with a specific style in mind…these things just evolve as time goes on…needless to say it has evolved into my favorite design so far! Hope you like…Octavius.

The watch closely relates to the analogue way of time telling. The location of the hours and 5 x Mins can be found at the same areas (12 = Top, 3 = Right, 6 = Bottom etc) with the only difference being the single minutes, these are located in the center of the watch face represented by little “triangles”.

Telling the time is so easy and takes no time at all to get used to.

This is one for the Sci-fi lovers. Maybe even those with a taste for the minimalist look. Maybe both…is there a genre of Minimalist Sci-fi?? If there is…that’s where it belongs, on the wrists of those who love that stuff!!

Although not an initial design feature, a very futuristic looking strap light evolved late on. This, if implementable would illuminate once every 1 Min or 5 Mins and really stand out!

Bright bold LED’s coupled with easy time telling helps too. The comfy strap would have detachable segments for easy fitting.

29 thoughts on “Octavius sci-fi wrist watch ideal for space travellers.

  1. Hi guys…it’s the newb again.

    A massive thanks to TokyoFlash for showing my design!!

    I hope you guys love this watch as much as I do, this was a definite labour of sci-fi love for me and I hope you guys show the love too and vote accordingly.

    Please feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions, comments, likes and/or dislikes about Octavius and I’ll be more than happy to discuss.



  2. I think this is a fine design and a nice try for so called newb. Its only you who call yourself newb dude. Haha.

    I have two suggestions, 1) about the camera perspective, you may adjust the focal length so the image looks less distorted, 2) Use studio box and put the watch inside the box, or if you directly use environmental lighting, you can omit alpha channel so you can replace the background with just white or anything.

    Since I look the idea is fine, I have no other suggestion on it (of-course there are other things but miscellaneous).

    Goodluck with it. 5* / Y.

    Octavius sounds cool. Cheers!


    • Hi Firdy ta for the feedback. You sound like a guy who knows his technical stuff so be prepared for an inbox full of “what does this button do” lol
      I’m going to hold back on posting more submissions for now so I can practice with blender a little and polish up my work even more. Expect another couple of designs in this fashion first tho lol.

      So glad you like the design, I did originally have a grey background but this new background image coupled with the watch just seemed to give it that 2001 space odyssey feel or 1980’s Alien era feel.

      When the watch is fully lit up it also looks like the Umbrella logo from resident evil.


      • Hey if you use blender I can provide you with mesh file {if you want to use for study}. Just let me know in my inbox. Cheers!

        I already noticed about the Umbrella logo that’s why I didn’t really complain the display as anomaly.


  3. It’s all with the theme baby…all with the theme lol

    Cheers dzign, thanks for the support.
    Dya think the strap light is abit much or something that ties in nicely with it??


    • No, I think the strap light is fantastic!! That’s the best bit! Mind you, I think you need the option of having it on or off.


      • Oh naturally (if it was up to me) there would be an option for on/off. Hell I’d even have an option for 1 or 5 mins or maybe even always on although if imagine this to be abit much but hey…options are what people want. I’d rather have the ability to choose, than….well…not.


  4. This looks cool and the time telling is clear enough for the masses. I love the lighting in the strap or tho would effect the feasibility I imagine. Fingers crossed such is possible, and like Fir say the name is also very cool! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


    • Hi Pete…glad you like the watch, as always its nice when the professionals of this realm take a liking to your work, its always a welcome confidence boost.

      One thing i always try for in my designs is ease of use, quick and efficient time telling yet with keeping it a little on the cryptic side. The original strap idea was to be a simple black leather or plastic/rubber variation, same shape and style as you see here, just different material.
      As for the strap light, i think this could be made, that is if the strap segments have maybe two or three LEDs in them and as they are detachable they could have little metal connectors to enable the flow of power from one to the next.

      Im not a technical wizard on this (thats TF’s area of expertise) but i should imagine it would be possible given the rigid strap sections they could work with.

      As for animations, i didnt deem that an important feature but a spinning “wheel” effect would be nice.


  5. Also glad you like the name, previous names were abit naff…Segmentz, Virus, Fractal to name but a few lol
    So yeah…you can see why i changed it.


    • Thanks For your feedback Andrew. So glad you like the watch.
      A mate of mine said it looks like a Cylon so at least there is a market full of Battlestar Galactica fans out there ; )


  6. Looks good – I like the Green/Black variant best.
    I do find the hours a bit confusing though. It looks like all should be straight lines apart from 1, 5, 7 & 11. However, on one of your examples, 4:18, the 4 is not where I expected it and is ‘bent’. Is this just me reading it wrong?
    Anyway, good luck with this one – hope it gets made, with or without the strap light (if not, the appropriate coloured line would work for me). 5*/Y


    • Hi Nev thanks for the comment and the support, cheers for taking the time to share your views.
      You my good man have a keen eye…it’s not you reading it wrong, it was a mistake on my part, sorry about that.
      I hope it gets made too, like you I was thinking that if the light couldn’t be added then the corresponding colour could be included for the sake of the overall style.

      Thanks once again and fingers crossed huh.


    • Glad you like it debs, I made a white and pink one in my new renderings (see links above) hope you like.


  7. Everyone is mentioning SciFi properties but no one mentioned the one that came to my mind. The 80’s show V. The one where the aliens are reptiles under their skin.red suits. The watch looksblike their uniforms and guns. And the original laser tag from the same era


    • Oh yeah I remember that show!! I haven’t seen that in years! It’s good that a watch can evoke so many memories to come flooding back. I could imagine this being their standard issue “visitor” timepiece.

      Looking back at the design I wish I would’ve changed the strap a little. I’d keep the red light but change the ends so it actually fastened to give people a better, more complete design. Hopefully TF will see past that and see the potential in the actual timepiece.


    • Glad you like Makkovik, I’m sure once the watch is scaled to to the right size (if it ever gets made that is) then the 1xMins will be fairly noticeable. Plus the LEDs would help them to stand out.


  8. A massive thanks to all who voted, commented and gave a thumbs up and star rating. This one got a great score and amount of Facebook likes and tweets and for your support….I THANK YOU!!

    Let’s hope this one gets made, sure enough a load of people like it!!


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