Oscilloscope watch tells time with waves.

Design submitted by Rodrigo from Portugal.

Rodrigo says: Im a Electronic Engineer,and i came up with this idea after using an digital oscilloscope.

You can tell the time by tracking the evolution of the wave signals and combining the 3 waves you can tell the time.

The people I see using my design, are all those who love sci-fi and technology.

It is easy to see the time, and its simplicity will pull the imagination of each of us.

5 thoughts on “Oscilloscope watch tells time with waves.

  1. As a music producer I absolutely love the usage of the sine wave, I would buy this watch in a heart beat! In my opinion the sine wave is the most beautiful wave form of them all, and, as you clearly proved, would make for a great method of telling time. 5 Stars!


  2. I like the look of this, I think it has potential. The lines do seem to offer themselves to time telling quite nicely. I especially like the way they overlap at 30. For me I’d be tempted to make the seconds into 5sec blocks (as few people need that amount of accuracy) and have the same number of blocks as the other line. I would also remove the symbols for alarm and single mins etc as they distract away from the lines. Maybe add rings around some of the blocks on the lines for these extra indicators? Would love to see a visual with this display on a watch body. Either way nice work, good luck and welcome to the blog. 5/Y based on the potential! 😀


  3. I like the idea. 5 seconds blocks would be enough. I would suggest to have both indicator on the left or right side. (same side) I like the 3 overlaps points.


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