Global watch revives retro sci-fi

Design submitted by Bryce from Belgium.

Bryce says: I’m a fan a geek vintage: pager, old computers, science fiction movie from the seventies/eighties, etc.

Since a long time, I dream about a watch with a vintage leather strap that is able to display time like a fictional computer in a (old) science fiction movie. I want a watch with a clean and simple design and a leather strap a little bit “handmade”.

I was fed up to wait for THE watch, so I designed it.

To keep the vintage spirit, I did it on a Pentium 2, with Windows 95 and Paint!

To tell the time, you just need to practice! Have a look at the example: it’s not that difficult. You just need to complete the police and you can see the numbers.

The real difficulty is the second indicator. It’s a point that goes all the time from left to right (30 steps for 30 seconds) and then from right to left. It’s in memory of the red light in front of K2000 in the Knight Rider (have a look at:

Geeks, nerds, ICT lovers, vintage addicts, fashion fellows, who want a watch with clock, date, chronometer and alarm.

Added values of my watch are the mix between vintage and design, and those really nice numbers.

147 thoughts on “Global watch revives retro sci-fi

  1. Bonjour Brice,

    Je viens de lire l’article qui t’es consacré avec intérêt. J’aime bcp l’association d’une montre “futuriste” avec le look retro
    Originale, sobre, intéressante
    En résumé, je l’achèterais!


  2. Je suis un collectionneur acharné et je serais heureux de pouvoir avoir ce petit bijou à ma collection!
    J’espère que tu gagneras le concours
    Bonne chance!!!


  3. Génial! J’adore ce modèle! Il est complètement différent de ce qu’on voit habituellement!
    Je l’achèterai bien pour mon compagnon!!!
    J’espère que tu vas gagner…


  4. I like the overall look. It’s a nice 2×2 grid watch. I like the seconds animation. It may be difficult to accurately tell the exact second, but it’s not a necessity, since 2×2 grid watches don’t have them.


  5. I like the concept, it’s very artistic and original, I think; it`s something else comparing with other models. Congrats to the designer and I hope to find it in the stores!


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