Hive Cellular LCD watch with hex theme

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: It often said that insects would be the only creatures to survive a nuclear holocaust or by the chemical toxic pollution to the air earth & water cause by the manufacturing or by burning fossil fuels. So perhaps in another couple of million years’ time Insect humanoid tell time using Hive: Cellular, system to tell the clock time or date.

This watch display the time in a hybrid Analogue, Binary & digital format.

Displaying either Alarm, Date, time, Stop watch mode Digits as follows: The Hexagonal Ring display: Minutes, Days or seconds. Hexagonal Cell Display: Hours / Months & he cryptic Digits display: Seconds, Years, Minutes.

Anyone with an interest in the natural world: Insects or those looking for a cryptic / binary wristwatch.

This uses a Hybrid Display Wrist Watch that is easy to use whilst still looking unusual.

7 thoughts on “Hive Cellular LCD watch with hex theme

  1. I like the theme and the simple time telling, hexagons are hexy! If I were to suggest one change it would be to have the minute blocks mimic/follow the outline of the hours. I think this would look tidier and more in theme. Arguably the bezel/edge of the lens should also echo this shape but that might be a step to far. This one has potential in my eyes! 5/Y best of luck Andrew! 😀


    • Thanks Pete perhaps the minute dial could follow the outline of the Hour Hexagon Cells. Perhaps making the lens / bezel a similar shape may reflect the concept / theme of this design.


  2. Very creative and stylish display – in hexagon class we have here. I can see good potential here and it is highly possible for TF to put magic (no, no magic, it’s creative touch according to what is possible) onto this design, would look pretty wantable in person. I believe. 5*/Y!


    • Thanks hopefully TF will add some creative touches in keeping with the overall look / theme that I will approve of to this wristwatch design concept then perhaps it will become a reality.


  3. The combination of time displays is a little disconcerting at first, but once mastered is easy to read – the sign of a great TF watch. I love the hexagon effects and would certainly be interested in this if TF produce it. Good luck and 5*/Y.


    • Thanks for the approval of the Hive: Cellular ,LCD /Hybrid Display: Analogue, Binary: Hexagonal Cells & Hexagonal Digits. I can only hope that Tokyo Flash agrees with you.


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