Loom patterned watch design

Design submitted by William from Norway.

William says: I have watched this movie called WANTED and this movie, there is a loom that uses an hidden binary code to reveal mysterious informations. Remembering this, I wondered how to use the pattern of a loom to tell the clock.Not as complex as it can be in the movie WANTED, I come up with a simple way of reading the clock in a loom pattern. An illustration shows it clearly.

As you do not need to be a genius to learn fast how to read the clock on my watch, and as the design of my watch is elegant without being extremely avant-garde or experimental, I would say that any people who are looking for something a bit different and elegant would the kind of people who could buy my watch.

The way of reading the clock that is really easy to learn and get used to and  that is graphically interesting (and connected to fashion: textile pattern) makes my design a one that makes it stand out from the others.

10 thoughts on “Loom patterned watch design

  1. Very nice idea William! Cool inspiration too! I’d be tempted to put subtle markers around the bezel just to speed up time telling or maybe numbers around the outside of the display that could be turned on or off by the wearer. If the display was LCD I would have to assume that the lines would need to be made up of a number of thinner lines to get the various shades. Also would there be many intersection points where the horizontal lines meet the vertical. Maybe e-paper would get around the technicalities. Either way 5/Y welcome to the blog sir! 😀


  2. Great idea! So simple and stylish 🙂 The straps should maybe have a woven pattern too… mmm linen straps 😉 Well I like the concept and I would get it. Epaper would rock here! 5*/YES


  3. Dude, great idea! I forgot about that element of this movie. Is there a way you could more closely incorporate how the code worked from the film, as in showing bands either above or below the others and THAT is what determines the time? Great concept, I think you can make this better and more like the film, without worry of copyright issues.


  4. William I would like to welcome you to the design blog. This is truly original concept it brings a new meaning to the saying “a stitch in time saves nine” & fabric of Time. Well done & good Luck.


  5. I like the idea. It would be nice if was a e-paper/LCD screen. A while ago I saw a watch with a similar concept but it was using 2 lines of LED ‘s so I didn’t buy it. Having 12 markers per side would be nice. I like the dark gray case with 2 black lines. It would also be nice if the user could switch the display colors (like the Kisai Adjust).


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