Paperclips inspired watch

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: As I was waking up, I saw a paper clip on a shelf at the side of my bed. I designed a watch that would cut 3 blocks arranged like paper clips in 12 and 4 segments and fill their center with indicators for the following options: pm, date, show alarm/alarm setup & alarm on. I also designed 2 variants with new arrangements for the minute and options indicators.

It could be made with LED’s of 1 or 4 color(s) or with a LCD screen with a positive or a negative display.

It can use 4 display options:

– Multiple lights/segments on (up to the exact time)

– Multiple lights/segments off (same as above)

– 1 light/segment off (the exact time)

– 1 light on (same as above but LED only)

I made these 3 versions:

RED: The “paper clip” at the left is the hour/month. Midnight/noon is the top half-circle and then you go clockwise. The central “paper clip” is the 5 minutes/days part. 00 at the top half-circle then go clockwise. The “paper clip” at the right is divided in 4 and used for the +1 to +4 minute/day. The big block inside the hour/month is the pm indicator. The big block inside the 5 minute/day is the date indicator. The top part of the last big block is used to set/show the alarm & the bottom is the alarm on.

GREEN: The hour/month (left) & 5 minute/day (right) are the same as the red. The 4 circles inside the 5 minute/day segments are the +1 to +4 minute/day & read top to bottom. The options indicators are the letters/symbols inside the hour segments.

BLUE: Both “paper clips” form a + sign. The vertical “paper clip” is the hour/month. The segments reading order is the same as the others models. The horizontal “paper clip” is the 5 minute/day. The 00 is located under the “D”. Then you go clockwise. The +1 to +4 minute/day & options indicators are the same as the previous but positioned in another way: The circles are inside the 5 minute/day & read left-right. The letters/symbols are inside the hour/month (they can be exchange).

9 thoughts on “Paperclips inspired watch

  1. The green version doesn’t seem to match the text, but seems to be an example of the blue version. Apart from that, this is good. I prefer the crossed paper clip versions, as the vertical seem to regimented. Good luck and 5*/Y


  2. This is nice Makko! Probably my favourite of your designs so far. The first image with the two vertical displays and the + are my favourite layouts. They are simplest and cleanest IMHO. They would look nice on a brushed gunmetal case with slightly raised LEDs to give a subtle tactile feel. Very nice sir! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  3. I like the cross display! Could be made into a stylish watch. As for the pm, date and alarm indicators, they should be in a dot, like the dots you use for the additional minutes. It’s a start 🙂


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