Fathom – Waterproof diver’s watch with fluid sensors

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Fathom: Is my design concept for a waterproof diver’s wristwatch available in two display styles: Atlantic /Pacific. Each of which is available white Black or White Digits plus in various Materials: White Acetate, Black IP, Stainless Steel or Grey Shark Scaled: Rubber: See Diagrams Provided.

This wrist watch displays the time, date or alarm in large digits & the upper / lower smaller digits display the depth: Meters & air: Minutes(Remaining)Scuba Air Tank. This wrist watch contain a layer of oil / fluid sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass: Display / Bezel Glass. Which under pressure is this fluid sensors automatically alter the depth digits (Meters).

This wrist watch uses a fluid to measure depth automatically measure depth as well as giving this watch a liquid like appearance.

3 thoughts on “Fathom – Waterproof diver’s watch with fluid sensors

  1. I like the idea and the depth and air time features are cool. Funky digits too! Probably should be described as water resistant because to be water proof it would need to be liquid filled to take the pressures of deep waters. I think a metallic mono-chrome version would look nice. 😀


    • Thanks Pete for your positive comments. Fluid protects the display& working from deep sea pressure & the pressure placed on the fluid by the depth of water affects the depth reading / digits. I think your suggestion of a mono-chrome color version is a good Idea. Furthermore the Air alarm is different to the time Alarm, once the air read five
      Minutes of air time remaining the Watch Will flash & vibrate to alert the wearer that there air is low.
      The Air Alarm only deactivates once the user reaches the water surface.


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