Dual-screen lozenge design LED watch

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: In my sketchbook I had a drawing of 12 circles arrange in a lozenge but no note if it was suppose to be arrange as a circle or a lozenge. Then I realize that I could place a lozenge inside a circle and place a + sign in the center, linking the 4 corners of the lozenge. Then, I’ve cut the circle, lozenge and + in multiple segments.For the horizontal version: The links are inspired by the “Omega TimeComputer3 (aka Digital1)”, a watch from the ’70.

For the vertical version: the links are inspired by the Tokyoflash Pimp collection, because of their similar size.

It has a dual-screen, one for the date & one for the time. It could be made with LED’s or a LCD screen. A minor advantage of the LED is that the date or time can be shown without showing the other one. It would use 1 segment on but could use 1 segment off or multiple on/off. It can use 1 or 3 color(s). The advantage of LCD is that it’s always on & would use 1 segment off but could use 1 or multiple segment(s) on.

To tell the time: You start by checking the circle. He’s divided in 12 segments, placed at their standard location. It’s the month/hour.

Then, you check the lozenge, divided in 6 (date) or 12 (5 min) segments. The count starts at the 1st segment to the right of the 12 o’clock normal position & go clockwise. (The 12th 5min is never used but keep the symmetry intact)

Then, you go to the +, divided in 4. Each count for 1 day/minute, starting at the top one & go clockwise.

The hour/month & 1 day/minute could be inverted. The + would be divided in 12 & the 1 would be on the line going to the right & be the closest segment to the center. It would go clockwise & center-to-extremity. The circle would be divided in 4 & the 1 would be the 1st segment after the 12 o’clocknormal position & go clockwise.

Small symbols could be added at the 12 & 6 o’clock (or 9 & 3) position for the PM & alarm on feature.

People who like simple geometry & semi-asymmetric/symmetric watch would wear it.

The semi-asymmetric/symmetric case/display, the dual-screen, one for the date & one for the time & the show one at a time features make it stand out.

11 thoughts on “Dual-screen lozenge design LED watch

  1. I like this. But here’s an idea; instead of just single LED’s on in each display and specific time, how about all the LED’s on up to the specific one that is suppose to be on, similar to the method of the Kisai Sensai? Also like the “+” idea. I designed a watch that only has “+’s”, to keep it as simple as possible.


    • Up to the specific one would be possible. 1 off or off up to the specific one would also be possible. My 1st plan was to do 1 off but 1 on is less time-consuming.


  2. Looks very nice Makko! The time telling is different but simple enough for most people to understand. I like being able to see time and date at the same time. My only feedback would be to try to make the +’s bigger if possible, they are probably the most important part of the display but are quite small. It would aid clarity if the could be bigger. 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


    • I agree about having the +’s bigger. They should be the same size as the circles & lozenges. What happen was that I did them after the circles & lozenges & miscalculate the circle & lozenge size. Also, they are suppose to touch the lozenge but I didn’t do it because the 3D pics would have been harder to make.


  3. Hi Makkovik, it is a multiple watch with lots of possibilities. It might even work with a single screen. I would suggest to an LCD screen and another with LED, what do you think?
    5 * / Yes, of course!


    • Single screen as 1 circle / 1 lozenge / 1 “+” would work with a standard round case. Also, It would be smaller. ( 40/45mm diameter instead of 50×30/30×50) I would be OK with that but I like the 1 on/1off that the dual case offer. (if the tech allow it)

      Having 1 LCD & 1 LED would be nice. Which display would go with which tech?


  4. wow i like the 2nd version. my only concern is will it look cool when only some segments activated? if the lens are multicolor itll look like church window , which i bellieve would appeal to some people. 5Y!


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