Fuji watch with volcanic time display.

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: To favor girls, I wanted to reflect on a Zen watch, designed like a jewel “fashion” representing the sacred and mythical mountain of Fuji San.

The “Fuji -Watch ” is an analog watch.

The large bars of reading are divided into 6 parts, starting from the center, the longest bar indicate the hours, then the part a little smaller indicate the minutes “5, 10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55” and the 4 small ones remaining bars, indicate the minutes alone; added, they go from 1 to 4 minutes additional.

By pressing a button, an animation (such as a volcanic eruption ) is active, in ending on the exact time . Quickly press 2 times in a row , we avoid the animation by going directly to the correct time. Programming enables entertainment every quarter hour or every half hour or every hour, this animation can be selectively coupled with the alarm or the alarm can operate without LED lit. The alarm can be activated in a repetitive manner (every quarter hour, every half hour etc. . ) , The alarm can obviously operate without repetition and the exact desired time .

Recharging the battery is done via USB.

The “Fuji-Watch” is aimed primarily at women imbued with a great serenity and refined men “Zen” (or 禅 禅).

The “Fuji-Watch” will be appreciated especially in the medium of the fashion and also in environments of silent meditation.

32 thoughts on “Fuji watch with volcanic time display.

  1. Very simple and very striking design Patrick. Seems pretty initiative too. I would have loved to see the animation. Looks like a winner to me! 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  2. Instant 5*/Yes from me. I used to have Q-Version from 1259 Studio and that watch is among the best in term of design in my opinion. This watch is easier to read and I appreciate umbrella shape face with minimum amount of lens there. I hope this can be considered so yeah excellent job!


  3. Nice one Patrick! I really like the simplicity and minimalism of the display. The angular look doesn’t quite float my boat, however. I’d like to see the body as a smooth dome, though possibly with a little bit of a point at the center… But that’s a matter of taste. Solid work, good luck with it! =)


      • Yes, the ‘gem’ aspect of the design escaped me the first time round… A middle way might be to add a ‘kink’ between the hours and minutes, but then it’d look less like Mount Fuji… Hmm, I should probably stop trying to improve an idea that already works just fine…=)


      • Anders no no, I am content that you seek better solutions on one of my projects, that proves that you are interested in it.
        With the fact, that made a long time that I don’t see any a project of your share?


  4. I really like this concept Patrick even though it’s an analogue design. 😉 It’s fun and creative. Just a couple of suggestions. How about making the lines zig-zag a little bit and having a glowing crater in the middle (maybe containing seconds?)? Anyway, it’s great! I gave you 5Y last night. Good luck with it. 🙂


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