Equilibrium watch: You’ve heard of Binary, now try Ternary!

Design submitted by Robert from Hungary.

Robert says: I wanted to buy a ternary LED watch. But I couldn’t. So I created one, this is THE EQUILIBRIUM ternary watch.

The design of the watch face is simple like a binary watch: Hours/Months and Minutes/Days parts. The time/date is read in a simple way: you have to add the number when its red LED lights, and you have to subtract the number when its blue LED lights.

Anybody who likes the classical binary or hybrid binary or false binary watches and simple geek LED watches will like this unique trinary watch too. Anybody will like it who wants to be among the first ones who can own a really unique watch.

There are no LED watch on the market that uses the ternary numeral system at all. And this is the most simple using of the ternary numeral system in a LED watch, and you can still read the time quickly and easily.

11 thoughts on “Equilibrium watch: You’ve heard of Binary, now try Ternary!

  1. Hi Robert, unfortunately for me I’m am only part geek and not the part that is good with numbers. I struggle with binary so trinary blows my tiny mind. It looks cool so I could imagine it appealing to the maths and science geeks but it’s not for me. I support it so I gave you 5* but I probably wouldn’t buy because it would cause my head to implode lol. Best of luck anyway! 😀


    • It’s almost magical, how I start to write a first comment but when I post it you’ve sneaked yours in before me…=)
      I’m not keeping count but this is at least the fourth time it’s happened… Maybe I need to type faster…=)


  2. Hmmm, I’m afraid there’s a bit too much maths involved in this for me… It’s quite possible there’s some mental trick I’m missing but once I did reading the time would be quick, though. It wouldn’t be the first time…=)

    Interesting combination of triangles with the hexagonal case; I’d like to see some more integration between them. I’m sure it’d be possible to do something interesting with it, as it is now it looks a bit too basic for me.

    On the whole I’d say it has potential but at the moment it isn’t for me. It’ll be interesting to see what others think, maybe it’s just some phobia of mental arithmetic talking…=) Good luck with it!


  3. Cheers TF for adding the design to the blog! 🙂

    Probably this watch concept is for the Romanian people, because of their old money system (5, 15, 25 Bani and 1 Leu, 3 Lei… not 1,2,5,10,20,50…) 🙂

    This concept was used on the markets for thousand years. This is the concept of the pair of scales with equal arms (or something like this) = Equilibrium. 30 years ago when I was an elementary school student in Hungary I learnt about this primary attribute of the ternary numeral system. So it is very easy for me… 🙂

    (There is a simple version of this concept with using only 1,3,9 for minutes and seconds.)


    Thanks! 🙂


  4. I think the watch is quite complicated but I believe its a good addition to this blog. I don’t have problem with the design but perhaps you could utilize a band with the same pattern as the display, would make the overall design more artistic. Best of luck and keep it up — maybe you could consider rearrange the segments to make easy mode?


  5. Hi Robert, I must agree with Anders, there’s a bit too much maths involved for me too. But great job at creating an all new “functional” design. Maybe this is the start of something in a new direction, who knows.


  6. Thanks! 🙂

    This is the Equilibrium Hexagon watch concept.

    I’ve sent in other 6 versions (easier (using only 1-3-9), and “more difficult”) of this concept (Basic, 3Minimal, 3.14 and Mathreex, Dinamic, Halloween). I think the new idea is my MAIN job here, not the perfect design, but yes, I can’t create a 3D, I just try to communicate the concept clearly, sorry 😦

    Subtraction could be difficult. Try the reds and the blues separately, not step by step. There is a hidden automatism in it…
    It can be more simple than the binary… The time can be read in 5 seconds – this is my basic expectation.

    I tried out the concept in other ways too (with numbers, with cryptic numbers and using not red and blue LED rows just one LCD row), but this is the most simple.

    I hope you will like my easy cryptic watch concepts (Digits009, Digits09 and Dots)! 🙂



  7. I would buy because I love binary watches. (I don’t mind the extra difficulty since I’m good at that king of math) I like the overall look, but I would remove the “THE” & keep the “EQUILIBRIUM” written on it.

    1 minor note about the pictures : the M after the H could have been Mo & the other one Mi or Min, for extra clarity. I like that you included the calculations of the 60 numbers.


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