Inverse LCD watch with cryptic digits

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: I tried to create an cryptic watch with instant solving option.

The Inverse is the result. One of the fashion trends of today’s  i used a large display.

The screen display can operate in two states: light digits on dark background or dark digits on light background.

11 thoughts on “Inverse LCD watch with cryptic digits

  1. I like this one, big stylish and bold! The display is on the cryptic side so the reveal mode would be necessary initially but I think the wearer would soon get used to it. Probably my new favourite of your more recent work! 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀

    P.s I did spot your deliberate mistake on the time example on the third image 😀


  2. hmm… the idea is nice, but I am not happy with what those negative numbers look like: they looks like a broke lcd to me.


  3. Clean and clever, but not too clever! I like the idea, although the display style is not for me. One curious thing I noticed when I was trying to read the examples is that I tended to read 2’s as 5’s and vice versa. Probably because I’m too used to following the lit segments…=) Good luck Laszlo!


  4. I’m not sure about the practicality of this watch, but I think it looks superb. I’m a bit of a fan of the up-down number configuration. 5y~!


  5. Dear Laszlo,

    without any doubt this is my favourite watch design you ever created!

    You almost invented the human version of the Predator watch face.

    It only needs a third area with the two digits of the seconds.
    The seconds really don’t matter but they give the necessary dinamic watch face to your concept.

    Your desing is geek, but not too geek, it is something new, but not too new, not too difficult.

    The basic concept is great, and I like it very much!


  6. Oh that’s cool, Laszlo! I didn’t take the time to get it before, but now I see it. Nice integration of the case with the display too! 5*/y!


  7. I think this is an easily good idea. My only concern it could soon be copied for Pebble watch as happened to Time Space Digit watch. Or perhaps you could make it on Pebble.. .. yourself… or perhaps,… by myself….. So I think it has a good idea, but I need better watch design as a whole. Goodluck 4*

    ~ I think its 23:50 not 26:50 right?


  8. Dear Laszlo,

    after I’ve seen your fantastic Inverse LCD watch design I also wanted to create a cryptic digits LCD watch face of my own: Digits009.

    from Hungary 🙂


  9. I like the idea & the overall look. I agree with Robert comment about adding the seconds. ( I would add a 3rd columns & read the time as columns not rows, because I prefer horizontal rectangle over vertical one, beacause of my small wrist ) I would buy.


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