Futuristic Hex LED watch design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: The idea was is an easy to read, yet stylish wristwatch. HEX is an LED watch.

Indicates the time with easy to read hexagonal shaped numbers.

The upper two digits is the hours and the lower two is the minutes.

This watch I recommend to people who are like to wear an easy to read but different watch from the average.

15 thoughts on “Futuristic Hex LED watch design

  1. I would definitely get this watch. It looks elegant and futuristic . I love it…!!! I really hope everyone else thinks the same thing and I hope tokyoflash developes it. But one thing don’t make it too small. I would like to see it a little bigger.


  2. I don’t normally like very obvious numbers, but this looks so stylish that it has won me over. The button being in the centre is another nice touch. I think this is your best yet – good luck. 5*/Y


  3. I’m a fan of hexagons so this looks great to me. I like the bright and simple display. My biggest issue is that it reminds me of my “honeycomb” design, and if I had to choose between them I would have to go for mine (I am naturally biased hehe) best of luck anyways 😀


  4. I love this one! This would definitely be my second purchase. I like how it could pass as a stylish bracelet, but a watch as well. Looks great!


  5. I like the “time hidden in a wristband” feature. I like the continuous honeycombed hexagons. I would prefer if both side where flat instead of being curved at the display section.


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