Surge: an Ironman inspired ARC wristwatch.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Surge: It is the year 3013 & humanity has added created cybernetic organ implants to extend their life spans. These Implants however required constant monitoring so the every individual that has a implant/s has a Surge monitor  (wristwatch) to monitor it power levels. Surge Is based on Iron Man’s Chest ARC reactor that sends surges of Arc energy to power his Robotic armour.

First Dial: Mode indicators (Purple): ( ):Alarm, ) : Date or None: Time. Second Dial(Red): hours / months are display  Time / Alarm 1 to 12 / Date: 1: Jan to 12: Dec. The Third Dial (Green) Displays the number of: Single / Five Minutes or Days. The Center Disc (Blue) is used as a The AM: LED Color / PM: Charcoal Indicator.

This concept is aimed squarely at those new to binary watches because the display animates in a clockwise direction: Analogue. Furthermore Superhero Comic book fans.

This design is clear & easy to use plus the Retracting Scroll Bezel controls & Indicates the LED Back Light color Select: See Diagrams Provided.

6 thoughts on “Surge: an Ironman inspired ARC wristwatch.

  1. I would like to thank Tokyo Flash for publishing the Surge design concept. Please add your comments that you wish to add positive or negative below. Andrew


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I had to take a couple of looks to get my head around the concept. Its pretty simple when you’ve looked ac couple of times. I like the inspiration (if it were me I’d have been more literal) I like the option to change the colours. The time telling works fine but I’d be tempted to just use half the minute segments in the date mode (you may have done that but the dial explaination suggests that you use the whole 60 segments)
    Interesting concept and one of your best, good luck sir! 😀


  3. Thanks to TF for posting designs of this kind too. It is challenging for us to imagine the potential of this idea without having a realistic rendering. Still, thank you for sharing the design and the story behind it – organ implants and stuff 🙂


    • I currently do not possess the skill required to create a realistic rendered design. I have seen some really great design concepts submitted & published on the TF blog & been amazing at the results. They look so realistic the look as if have come fresh out of the factory.


  4. I like the display. I like the parenthesis usage for the option indicator. I like that it could be converted to a pocket watch. My fav is the red display/black case, followed by the blue/black.


    • I like what you’re thinking a Pocket / Fob version of this design would be excellent edition to this concept.
      I shall have to get to work on that.
      Each of the material versions of the Surge wrist watch has a multiple select LED color Back Light, which the user can change it to suit their mood / outfit etc.


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