Sonar analog watch creates a bold radar effect

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hugary.

Laszlo says: The Sonar watch is ultimate minimalist expression of time keeping – TheSonar is intuitive to read. The concept, while appearing mysterious, is quite simple once understood. This unique and distinctive timepiece features printed patterns to represent the passing of time. The outer gradient displays the minutes and the inner gradient shows the hours. The gradients interact to create an ever-changing pattern that is both functional and beautiful.

This stylish and distinctive timepiece provides ample opportunities for conversation of the unique presentation of time. Sonar is thought provoking interpretation of time that encourages those reading its dial to look at time from a different perspective:

Implications – Simplicity and minimalism are two very popular movements for which consumers are constantly on the lookout. The idea that less is more has maintained its popularity since it was introduced. Companies will benefit by providing consumers with products that have been made more simple but that still maintain their functionality or capacity to perform. That such products will be able to operate equally as efficiently as they did before will appeal to a large clientele.

20 thoughts on “Sonar analog watch creates a bold radar effect

  1. Very nicely done Laszlo! As far as I can remember this looks like the best sonar-style display, in my opinion of course. And I like the use of an analog movement, too. Good work!


  2. A nice addition to a popular theme. This is probably one of the nicest and easiest to make so 5/Y and best of luck sir! 😀


  3. Looks nice how the density fades. I think this effect is better than the bubbly fading of the exectuted Uzumaki watch display. I thought about how it could be done better (for my personal taste) and this up there would be one of my favorite choices. I’d like a sonar/radar watch from Tokyoflash. Good luck!


  4. There’s a watch out there on the market which is very similar to this, but costs $5000 U.S.! Hope tf makes this one…would save us a fortune!


  5. I like the way the trail fade. I don’t like analog watches except when it’s a sonar/radar themed one. Two reasons are that it’s easier to know/remember which part is what & there’s no cross-over.

    I would like if it had the seconds. The watch made by the company mentioned by dzign555 have it. This add a constant animation.


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