Chakana watch inspired by ancient symbols

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: Cryptic signs at first glance but they are simply numbers in two rows.

In the upper row you can read the hours and the minutes and in the lower row is the seconds.

That’s Chakana LCD watch.

6 thoughts on “Chakana watch inspired by ancient symbols

  1. These digits are very funky and fun. In an ideal world I would like to see more integration of the case with style of the digits. Maybe it could be as simple as having the screen printed boarder around the outside of the display in a aerated like shape that imitates the angular nature of the digits. That’s a subjective tweak of course. I support this! 😀


  2. Same concern about the width as with NIN. Of the two, I prefer this one as the digits look so cool.
    I can see why ‘1’ looks as it does, but think it might be hard to read. I guess you’d get used to it.


  3. I like the ancient symbols.
    I also use to write with a line in the middle, so it’s funny for me to find this watch!


  4. I like the case (it’s the same as the NIN) On here, I would prefer if the buttons where under the display, like the NIN.

    I like the idea to separate the seconds from the hours & minutes. This also leave room for the alarm & pm indicators. I like that the symbols on both extremity touches the case.

    I like the symbols except these: the 1, the top-left side could be shorter, like the 7. & the 7, the left part of the central bar “–” could be shorter & stop around the middle.

    I gave 4* & I would consider buying it.


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