R2D2 inspired LCD watch with robotic alarm

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: This concept inspired by the R2D2 droid from the movie STAR WARS.

If you press the “Time” key to stop the constant animation and display the time precisely five seconds. The animation can be turned off completely.

Large pieces of signs indicates the time in 24 h format. Upper two digits the hours and the lower two is the minutes. Time, date, alarm functions also available.

The alarm sounds like than what you hear here: http://www.r2d2translator.com/

14 thoughts on “R2D2 inspired LCD watch with robotic alarm

  1. Cute ^^ I see the big bold segmentation of something round looking a bit like R2D2. Cool numbers. They make a nice cryptic pattern if you don’t look exactly but reading is super simple. Good luck!


  2. I don’t entirely see the R2D2 reference, but then I look for the literal things. I would have been tempted to add a domed lens to add to the theme but thats just me, if the display featured blue blocks this would have also linked back to R2. The digits are big and bold and look pretty cryptic at first glance which is nice. Not my favourite of your designs Laszlo but as ever look quality and is support worthy! 😀


    • Yes, I was going to say that blue blocks would ring true to R2 more than black. Thanks for referencing one of my top 10 movies! Now who will be the first to design an Alien/Nostromo watch…I’m talking to you Ron Cobb!!


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