“Sample” Crime scene evidence watch pendant

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: As a fan of shows such as Dexter, CSI, and other forensic shows, I thought it would be really neat to have a pendant watch that looks like a blood sample.

“SAMPLE” is intended as a unisex pendant watch with clear LCD display.  It is meant to look like a blood slide.  The “blood drop” display (which helps with some curved edges as indicators) shows the time in analog format with two mini-drops.  The larger one tells the hour, and the smaller tells the minute.

There are some features of the design that show up as “glow-in-the-dark” at night, including a hidden fingerprint, which further emphasizes the forensics theme.  There is also an LED in the top portion that will illuminate the time for reading in the dark.

People who are fans of science or forensics, or shows such as CSI or Dexter, or even people who just fancy blood will be interested in this unique, quirky pendant watch.

This design stands out as one of only a few pendant watches.

9 thoughts on ““Sample” Crime scene evidence watch pendant

  1. So cool idea! This is a nice gadget for fans of CSI and for biologists. Oh and for vampired xD Time telling works fine and isn’t too obvious, so the illusion of the blood sample is kept and people wonder what you are wearing 😀 Good luck with this one!!!!


  2. I just realised where the inspiration for this design came from! hehe
    This would make the perfect gift or trophey for all friendly serial killers.
    Should come with a slide box presentation box! hehe
    I like the inspiration and the out of the box thinking, its not for me as such but I can imagine it making a unique gift. I gave it 5/Y altho its not strictly for me! 😀


  3. Not normally a fan of pendant or transparent watches, but this really appeals. I hope TK make this one. Great design, Heather. 5*/Y


  4. As someone who works at a hospital it would be cool to have something like this to wear at work. Just one suggestion, have a mode showing some “bloody numbers” underneath the analogue bit as an option for when accuracy is required, other than that 5/Y.


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