Kuantos watch inspired by Stargate Atlantis.

Design submitted by Clarence-Junius from the USA.

Clarence-Junius says: I got the idea for the Kuantos while watching my collector’s edition of Stargate: Atlantis. I wanted to use the stargate theme as a base for this design without stepping on any toes. Close attention to details help me keep this design original.

Whew, ok. The outer and inner rings are used for hours and minutes positioned as standard clock. The LCD screen displays the real time single minutes in standard mode. There are six time modes.

For Sci-fi buffs and those who like attention. 🙂

Kuantos incorporates LED, round LDC screen for a unique hybrid design, six time modes, true 24 hour time, mechanical leaf shutter, wireless display base equipped with setting’s application for a PC/MAC, Solar rechargeable battery and a Tokoyoflash’s first-rechargeable EL cuff band. 🙂


Φφ Phi Mode
Phi means potential of electrical energy. Phi is Kuantos’ standby mode where the shutter is partially closed and all lights are off except the soft slow flashing Φ symbol in the center of the device.

Ττ Tau Mode

Temporal Mode makes use of the outer and inner rings and LCD screen, allowing users to read time. Symbols used in physics math equations are present in each hour position. Below each hour cone are minute cones set in 5-min groups. Both hour and minute cones are position as with a standard clock. The open center area shows single 1-4 minutes represented as lighted lines. As illustrated the single minutes are read clockwise and appear in the numbered positions  as each minute passes. Four of the six sides will light as each minute passes. Users distinguish between AM/PM using the τ symbol and its current color; AM as blue and PM as purple.

Λλ Lambda Mode

Lambda Mode represents 24 Hour time or Diurnal. The 24-hour clock is not a normal design many are familiar of. Stylized numbers represent the hours, inner circle of colored blocks represent 5-min groups and the four white spheres for 1-4 single min. There are two modes for Lambda.

Dual Lambda : Users have an option to set Lambda to dual time, utilizing the Temporal Mode rings as the secondary time and will have to remember the country or city it is set for. When dual mode is active the single- minute white spheres will be dual action, representing the real time for both locations.

Lambda -Tau : Users also have the option setting Lambda to use the Tau ring as a mirror. This helps with those who may have difficulty adjusting to diurnal configuration. illustration shows Lambda-Tau mode.

SRτ Special Relativity Mode

Relativity mode combines Tau with a “standard” digital clock. As we learned with the Temporal mode description the outer and inner cones are used to read hour and 5-min groups-this is the Primary Time. The big change is with (1A). Here the 1-4 single minutes are located as dots. Each dot lights relative to the minutes passed. Secondary time (2) is located in the middle of the screen and uses Lambda text in the form of a vertical read. USA cities and eastern countries are listed on either side of secondary time (3). There are 14 different time zones. Active dual time cities are marked with a arrow

The top and bottom portion of the screen show equations used in studying space-time. These are not needed to read time, however do serve a purpose. In (Fig.7) 1A the top equation is Proper Time-single minutes of 1-4. The bottom is Proper Distance, relating to the dual time city. In this case secondary time is set for LAX airport. More can be read on proper time and proper distance equations on Wikipedia.

Ωω Kuantos

Kuantos mode is the challenge for any user wanting a truly cryptic way to read time. Users will need to learn the value of each Greek symbol in order to read time properly. The chart above shows the symbol number values. From my research numbers 11-19 do not have a name designation. For the 20, 30, 40 and 50’s single number symbols are used in front of each. The Omega symbol indicated mode use and acts as the colons used in digital formats. The time formats color represents AM-blue and PM- purple. (Fig.8) the time reads 5:30 PM- εΩλ. The lambda symbol λ has a number value of 30. When one minute passes the appropriate single symbol is placed next to the lambda.

☉Helios Mode

Helios incorporates astrology, astronomy and Gregorian calendar system in one mode while showing the time with Tau with a slight variation. Helios mode is broken into five main sections. (1) Constellation diagram, (2) Moon Phases, (3, 3A) Month, day, year, (4) Single-minutes, (5) Helios Sphere (6) Planet of current house.

In the very center is the Sun. (A) Illustrates the position of the Zodiacs or constellations. (B) House numbers are associated with the nine planets. In (Fig.9) Earth is currently facing Taurus (section 1) associated with house number 2, the planet Venus (6). (1)Shows a diagram of the constellation associated with the current zodiac. (C) Outside of the Sun the phases of seasons are represented in the four cardinal directions- (SE) Spring Equinox, (AE) Autumn Equinox, (WS) Winter Solstice, (SS)

Summer Solstice. The inner circle path (D) shows the Earth orbit and the position relative to the sun and the constellation which are represented as the Zodiac. The Earth is traveling in a clock wise manner. (Section 2) Kuantos also tracks moon phases.

Section (3) houses the month, day and 1-4 minute counter for the time. The triangle icon shows the current day of the month, circle displays current year and (3A) represents the current month. The month ring rotates around the face of the Kauntos and points to the current numerical value using the Tau rings. The Tau ring has a dual purpose acting as a clock and a reference point for the current month. In the month ring is pointing to the position of the number four on as positioned on a clock. When users are reading time (4) single-minute pie sections will show blue as each minute passes displaying the real time.

16 thoughts on “Kuantos watch inspired by Stargate Atlantis.

  1. Whoa… Clearly a lot of work went into this, which in itself is impressive. However, I can’t help but think of the expression ‘to over-egg the pudding’…
    There are some very nifty ideas here, and maybe it’s just my minimalistic streak coming to the fore (I’m sure future comments will tell), but I think a lot of them would benefit from having a bit more room to shine. To my mind there are three or four watches’ worth of interesting concepts here, and the result seems a bit overwhelming, to be honest. Just my opinion, of course, I guess we’ll see if anyone agrees.

    I do like the style of the images, I have to say. It’s a bit unusual, which is always refreshing. =)


    • Thanks Anders! Yea, I use SketchBook Pro 6 for all my designs since I dont have a 3D program or skills. Modes just kept coming to me and controlling that influx was difficult, lol.


      • Sounds wise, to play to your (graphical) strengths.

        I know what you mean, sometimes inspiration strikes and it’s hard to know when to say when…=)


  2. I haven’t gone into the practicality or feasibility of this watch, but I’m so incredibly impressed with the design work and thought behind it that I give it a resounding 5Y. Incredible. I’m also a HUGE HUGE fan of Stargate, particularly Stargate Atlantis.



  3. Shut up and take my money! I want this watch!
    Please, Tokyo Flash, make this reality! Pretty Please?!?!


  4. Looks great and like Anders said you have clearly put a lot of thought, time and effort into this design. I like the look and the basic time telling. I dont know if you need quite so many options and modes, but at least the wearer would never get bored of it. 5/Y Best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  5. Hey guys, below are the paragraphs edited out of TF’s post of this design. These cover the EL cuffband and the wireless display base.

    EL Cuffband

    The Kuantos is secured via a high-quality rubber rechargeable EL (Electroluminescent) cuff band to accommodate the size making for a more comfortable fit. Foam padding rails on the underside of the cuff band prevent chafing and raise the surface of the cuff band. The padded rails work in conjunction with four vertical vents below the secure strap allowing air to move under the cuff eliminating perspiration. Users can also purchase third party cuff bands or straps depending on the user’s preference. An undulating strap secures the Kuantos in place.

    Wireless Settings and Display Base

    Kauntos can make use of a custom wireless support stand for using the timepiece as a desk clock. The base stand includes a settings application downloaded onto your computer were users can adjust all time and date functions including light and animation settings and program short text lines to display making for a truly customizable timepiece. Users can change the settings wirelessly through the base or by docking the Kuantos.
    (Fig.3) shows the wireless base and illustration of how the Kauntos is positioned. The angled design allows users view the display screen efficiently and easy access to touch icons. A weighted base section with rubber slip grip keeps the stand stable when operating functions.



  6. At first the detail kept me away, but on 2nd look I see the time telling looks easy across all modes; needless to say the effort here blows my mind. That means drugs, gambling, prostitution. Virgin territory for the man who knows how to open up new markets. One man could control it all–Clarence.


  7. Respect for this work!! So many details and so many things thought through! For me personally it’s a bit too much of everything while parallelly looking too much like Stargate. I’m a fan of Stargate but I wouldn’t wear things that look to literal. The look is fascinating though, no doubt. The time telling is a bit too hard sometimes but it’s fun to learn it. I’m not sure if there is a market for such a watch. Maybe Tokyoflash are not steampunky enough for this 😉 Anyway, you did some really nice work and some aspects are cool, like the cuffband idea and the iris display. I have some iris sketches in my sketch book but never dared to go further. Good luck and above all much fun with your creations!


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