Rēdā watch goes supersonic with it’s aviation themed display.

Design submitted by Clanrence-Junius from the USA.

Clarence-Junius says: The Rēdā aviation timepiece is inspired by exotic fighter jets and the pilots who fly them. Using the F-22 and modern radar readouts as a base for design the Rēdā.

The inner radar screen area displays the current hour via a “time cone” corresponding to the positions on a real clock. A minute hand points to the current minute group while four single-minutes are read on top of the minute hand.

Pilots- military and commercial including collectors and timepiece enthusiast.

The F-22 inspired case and arm band combined with the complex sci-fi read out that’s easy and intuitive to decipher. Solar rechargeable battery and a standard minute and second hand making the Rēdā the only hybrid to grace Tokyo Flash.

6 thoughts on “Rēdā watch goes supersonic with it’s aviation themed display.

  1. I really like the look of this thing, it’s looks really technical and detailed. I know there have been other radar inspired designs before but this one stands out for me. I’m not sure that all you features like the LEDs on the minute hand are possible but I’m sure there are plenty of work arounds. Very cool, welcome to the blog Clarence! 5/Y


  2. I want to thank all those who left comments. Im sorry if my work is not in 3D and spectacular like all the others as I lack rendering skills and the programs. 🙂


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