Fashion bracelet with discreet watch function.

Design submitted by Clement from Singapore.

Clement says: I was thinking that watches nowadays are looking so sleek and machined. Not that this is bad, but somehow they just lack the human touch.

My design is based off a woven friendship bracelet.

There are multiple leds woven into the strap, while the battery and the micro-controller could be hidden underneath the strap as well. When the person depress a button on the watch, some leds will light up showing the time as shown the pictures. The color of the led should match the color of the strap for aesthetics.

The design of the watch is mainly targeted at young adults. It would be good if people could customise their own strap but maintain the time same telling components. For example, a man could choose woven leather/rattan as his strap while a women might want to have her strap make out of bright coloured threads.

There is a certain romanticism associated with things that are hand crafted and this watch does not differ. At the same time, even when it is not worn, it can also be hung on bags as well as pencil cases etc. Production cost should not be too expensive depending on the material used. Thus, it would be a nice watch to have.

8 thoughts on “Fashion bracelet with discreet watch function.

  1. Cool!
    And very customizable! I like acid-colored laces! Also may be interchanged for UTP cord for sysadmins 😀


  2. This is a very clever idea. I can image the body of the watch being like a skeleton, full of holes for the cords to be threaded through. It be sold as a kit with a variety of different cord and some example instructions of weave styles. Also its great to see some dketches on the blog! 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


    • The nut are LED light. They can lid up in 2 color : red or blue. 5 red = 5 ; 6 red = 6 ; 1 blue & 5 red = 7 (2 + 5) ; 2 blue & 4 red = 8 (4 + 4)

      For the minute, you multiply by 5.


  3. Scanning hand-drafted sketches is ok, but the texts should have been done with a software, for readability.
    Like : scan it in paint & use their text option.

    I don’t like the rope-based option, so I wouldn’t buy. (but I like the idea of having 6 lights that can go on in 2 color. I made/sent one last year & have a few idea with this type of time-telling)


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