Volt LED watch contains Artificial Intelligence.

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: I was in the mood for a v-shaped display and sketched a lot for a watch that can carry one. It wasn’t easy to decide for a variant. In the end I kept it clean and simple.

I like the edginess of this concept watch, that could cause many different associations (sports cars, military aircrafts, space robots…)

I imagine a display consisting of a simple array of LEDs. Those could provide cool animations with special themes for each preference.

I really like when watches seem to have an a.i. I tried to find an easy yet a little alien style of numbers to tell the time. I took the popular 3×5 pixel numbers, modified them just a bit and obtained stylish and still recognizable numbers.

They look extra nice in the v-shaped display. As for the name, it HAD to start with a v. I chose “Volt” which is just perfect: short, crisp and full of energy.

This watch could behave in meetings or flip out on parties – it’s up to you. The clean look with a touch of boldness is a design statement for the not too distant future.

27 thoughts on “Volt LED watch contains Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Such a stunning design and easy to use! This is just what I was hoping to see from TFJ! I’m sure this will be made reality, and when it is I will definitely buy it! I just hope I don’t have to press a button every time I want to see the time lol


  2. Wow it’s like some Alien has come a long and drilled a hole in my head and mentally probed me! Sucking out all the things I would like to see in a watch with its sonic straw and putting the here! It looks like a stealthy space robot to me, a bit like “Maximillion” out of “the black hole” top draw stuff Sam! 5/Y best of luck sir! >:D


  3. What an amazingly cool concept, Well Done. It kind of reminds me of the head / visor of Cyclon Robot Soilder from Battlestar Galactica.


  4. Sam, TokyoFlash should employ you to design all of their watches! All of your watch designs have been amazing so far, and this is your best one yet! I look forward to wearing my new Volt watch soon 😀


  5. OMG this is simply hot. In the sense of apla futuristic, minimalist display in comprehensive metal body and strap, this watch is sexy. It’s shame for me sent a V watch recently but yours looking violently way better.

    *if this is made please assure the metal finish is scratched as in the artwork because that what makes this watch A Vault.


  6. I would bug this product if it were to allow for a change in the color of LEDs to Purple at least. I’d probably buy two of them then!


  7. I really like the concept
    Great job as usual. For me it is the perfect complement of Iron man.
    I really like the red version. Good luck Sam
    5/Y_ 🙂


  8. This would be a day-one purchase for me.

    Stunning and elegant, ferocious and bold, I love this watch so much.

    The silver and purple, looks the best – my fingers are crossed that this soon becomes a reality!!

    Best of luck!


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