Loading… watch shows time as computer progress bar.

Design submitted by Max from the USA.

Max says: Loading screens are awful, anyone who has ever played a video game know how much loading screens ruin the flow of a game. They’re like getting stuck in heavy traffic. But now I realize a Loading screen makes a perfect watch.

The watch has a minimal asymmetric face, simple, yet different. The watch features a backlit E-paper display (or LCD either would work).

The easiest way to understand how to tell the time is to think of it as a multiple file download.
Each minute is represented by a file (X/60). The file name at the bottom corresponds to the current minute, and is completely aesthetic.
The bottom bar shows seconds and is represented by the progress of the current file (minute).
The top bar shows hours (each block is one hour) and is represented by the progress of the total download.
The percentage is the AM/PM indicator, if the percentage is under 50% it is AM if it is higher than 50% (with the exception of 12:00AM/99%) then it is PM.

This watch is for gamers, I designed the watch with video games in mind, so naturally it is orientated towards gamers. although I hope that anyone can appreciate this watch.

Telling the time is actually rather simple (although I may have made it seem complex).

16 thoughts on “Loading… watch shows time as computer progress bar.

  1. I love the display overall look and the case simplicity. 1 thing I like is that even if there’s a lot of stuff & the reading order is crisscross, it’s fairly easy to understand. ( &, it’s in the same order we use to convert a fraction to another : 20/35 = ?/50 = 20 X 50 divided per 35 = ? )

    1 note : since 12 am is midnight, it should be 01%, not 99%.

    5* and I would buy. ( I’ve been looking for idea on how to use loading screen to display time. That search would be over. )


    • The reason I said 12am is 99% was because I was thinking of the percentage as being X/24 x 100, (and now that I think about it I really should have split the top bar into 24 parts instead of 12). so 12am would really be 24/24, (100%) but it couldn’t be 100% because time keeps going. I hope that makes sense… 🙂


      • Splitting the top in 24 would be better. & 12 pm ( noon ) would still be 50 %.

        But 99% of 24 hours = ~ 11:45 pm. ( 24 x 60 = 1 440 ; ( 99 x 1 440 ) / 100 = 1 425.6 minutes ) & 1% = 14.4 minutes. Beside, on 24 hours format watches, the day begin at 0 & end at 23. ( I know that because I have one )


  2. Its a nice idea max, I can image it appealing to the old school retro gamer types. Almost nastalgic. For me it could look a bit more unusual, I appreciate that the styling is kinda dictated by the inspiration but could be sleeker I guess. Nice work but not really my cuppa tea so probably wouldnt buy but I do support the concept so 5/N. Welcome to the blog btw! 😀


  3. Cool concept 😀 I’d say divide the upper bar in 24 segments and have half the bar at 50% at noon – perfect then. I like these decimal time concepts and wish such a watch getting made. The look could be a tad more futuristic, less retro for me. Interesting idea about showing a file name. Nicely thought through. Good luck Max and 5*/YES (with some tweaks here and there which Tokyoflash would theoretically do anyway I believe)


    • I definitely agree about splitting the upper bar into 24 parts, it makes A LOT more sense that way! I made some parts of the design simple on purpose so that it would be easy to make minor tweaks to the design without messing up the overall feel, and idea. Thanks for the feedback, it really helps. 🙂


  4. very clever, I love the design and the retrogaming awesomeness. Coupled with the overall simplicity makes me really want this. 5*/YES


  5. This looks fantastic it has a simplistic design with the new age technical and retro feel i would buy this and immediately wear it


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