Grid LCD watch merges 12-5-9 & Analogue with style.

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: I was inspired by the latest productions “magnificent” Tokyoflash. Elegant and sober, “GRID-LCD Watch” is intended for modern women and men, in fashion.

The “GRID-LCD Watch” two main qualities:

1 / His reading time very easy (after initiation).

2 / The watch case is in line with the bracelet, which gives finesse and lightness.

The “GRID-LCD Watch” is in tune with the times, with its display “always on” and its modern lines that match the current demand.

28 thoughts on “Grid LCD watch merges 12-5-9 & Analogue with style.

  1. Yay!!!!!!! Great to see a Patrick design back on the blog! And a really elegant well thought out design too! Very slick and very makeable! Congrats and welcome back my friend! 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  2. Bienvenue sur le blog! La présente beaucoup amélioré, je l’aime! J’aime vraiment l’affichage de l’heure de 12-5-9. Félicitations à vous Patrick! Je vais vous donner cinq étoiles, et oui!
    Désolé pour le mauvais français de la connaissance (google translate).


  3. Howdy Patrick!

    I like how you improved your work! Sincerely your previous 2d renders already decent IMHO. Just a suggestion, to avoid conflict with recently released Kisai Logo, you can re arrange the display, try different shape or use LEDs. BTW, this one still a good design and I give it 5*/y as it is.

    I wish you may come up with remake version of your previous designs, you know you they are good, u just need to tweak the time telling and make the design more subtle, and simpler. Hope you enjoy doing designs as a good hobby!

    Happy new year!


  4. Trés chic monsieur! And simple. Simple and stylish geometry, simple time telling, simple and good looking display grid. I would wear it so 5*/YES. Welcome back Patrick and good luck!


  5. You know what would add an extra dimension to this design, if some of the squares on the display grid (in the glass) were coloured with primary colours, it would have a “de Stijl” look about it. The LCD would still work in exactly the same way but would give the watch an even more artistic appeal (maybe a special edition) 😀


  6. I love the overall look & specially the “vitrail” look of the display. ( I’m sorry, I don’t know “vitrail” in english, but you’re also french speaking )


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