Chromefold LCD watch simulates origami numbers

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: I spent some time with Origami and I like the idea of creating so many different things with one sheet of paper. I took a square one and folded me some abstract numbers. I also like mirror LCD and used this to express these numbers for my watch concept.

The numbers are displayed in a classic 2×2 array, first the hours, then the minutes. There are only four squares seen at first. A folding animation plays regularly to show the time for some seconds just before the numbers unfold again. This way, the Origami topic is always present. At the pressing of a button, the time can be told instantly.

This is a watch for Origami fans and those who like arts on their wrists.

20 thoughts on “Chromefold LCD watch simulates origami numbers

  1. Very pretty Sam, loving the animated folding squares. The digits take a little learning but are well worth the effort! Very jealous of this one! cooooool! 5/Y Best of luck sir!


    • Actually, some of them are ok, but others automatically suggest different numbers to me so I could get confused at times. For example, the shape you have chosen to represent ‘8’ looks to me like it contains a tilted 4 and the one representing 6 has what looks like a 7 in the top right corner. This problem wouldn’t be so bad if all the numbers could be found by using the same logic, ie the numbers were formed by the white areas only. At the moment you have to commit the shapes and their associated numbers to memory which isn’t very satisfactory in my opinion.


  2. Thanks for the nice and constructive comments everybody!

    Llyod, thanks alot for the brainstorming and for sharing your creative thoughts with me! First I have to say, confusion and misinterpretation (no matter how imaginative one even is) can be solved just like not-understanding-at-all: by p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e 😉 Of course I agree that less learning would be better and this could be done by a simple logic. The logic here is simple: 1 square paper, only folding (no cutting) is allowed and the massive parts are important. If we combine all rules, we see the 8 jumps out of the massive parts rule. I couldn’t help it to be honest. I could have used an hourglass symbol (like the black widow has). That would be easily recognized as an 8, but origami fans know, this can’t be created by folding only. So I kicked one rule hehe. I’m actually happy with the seams left behind in the paper. To me they look more like an x than a tilt 4, but that’s subjective and the practice would eliminate all subjectivity.


  3. But this one is the best origami-inspired watch I’ve seen.

    I like the “regular folding animation” idea & love the clean/simple overall look & the 2X2 grid. ( I also like that the 5 is a mirror of the 2 and the same apply to the 6 & 9 )

    10* & I would buy.


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