Concave LED watch with ripple effect

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: I came up with the idea for Concave when I thought about making circular digits, one behind the other.  In order to accomplish this, although the display is flat, I imagined each digit to be a curved surface, like a contact lens, for example.  By placing the digits one behind the other, and increasing size, we can see these concentric circular digits, each whose center segment is being partially blocked by the digit in front of it.

The digits are self explanatory when you allow your mind to fill in the missing part of the center segment for each digit.  The LED time display is animated on button press, first showing each digit one at a time, followed by the full display. There is room in the center for a PM indicator, if necessary.  The decor on the case is meant to emphasize the idea of concavity, as well as the step by step animated display.

I believe that both male and female fans of cryptic LED watches and fancy animations would want to wear the Concave watch.

This design stands out because there have been few attempts at circular digits thus far, and the animation makes it fun and cool. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Concave LED watch with ripple effect

  1. Nice stylish take on the stacked/concentric numbers theme. I think the numbers could be clearer but thats a refinement thing. The concept is sound! Supporty worthy design! 5/Y Best of luck! 😀

    P.S I submitted a design recently with concentric numbers, althought it doesnt bare much resemballence to this I thought Id mention it as I dont want people to think I got the idea from here etc.
    Its called “digital warp” so if and when it hits the blog any resemballence is purely coincidental. 😉


  2. Whoa… I’m not gonna lie, it took me awhile to understand time-telling. That is until you showed the digits charts and then I was like “Oooooh. That’s how it’s done!” 😛
    This is such an artistic concept! It blew me away once I fully understood it.
    Excellent job 5/Y


  3. Really cool design on the digits! They look confusing, but are actually easy to read. Perfect to baffle everyone who asks about your wrist wear! 😀


  4. I rarely like 4 phased LED watch(es) but this one is an exception ! ( even if I would prefer an LCD version ) The overall look is very nice.


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