Karaoke watch sings the time.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Karaoke a speaking watch that features a LCD or E-ink display screen. This design inspired by the Speaking Clock telephone service which anyone can call on the telephone & find out the correct time: United Kingdom. This watch come preloaded with the official language of your country of origin further languages & guest voice can be uploaded from the Tokyo Flash Website via a USB port/ cable.

The screen does not display a representation of the Time instead it displays a graphic simulation of the voice / sound form that is generated when user press the Speak / Back Light button. So the Time, Alarm  digits / letters   are spoken out loud instead of being displayed on the Screen via a Loud Speaker Built in to the Watch face. Date: Day Monday-Friday, Month January-December,Date 1st-31st & Year.

This watch will appeal to anyone who owns a smart mobile / cell phone especially. Furthermore this watch can also be worn by those who are visual impaired or by a person who is Blind. as this watch speaks the Time, date or Alarm instead of displaying it.

This watch represents different interruption of how to display time on a wristwatch. But yet still simply enough for anyone to use.

12 thoughts on “Karaoke watch sings the time.

  1. I can totally imagine this watch singing the time to you in the style of 2Pac – California Love…

    “Twooo thiiirty Sevvven”

    Really imaginative idea Andrew, well done!


    • The original concept for This design was inspired by Talking Watches adapted for the Visually Impaired Or The Blind. Combined with the Speaking Clock: http://www.speaking-clock.com/
      Furthermore this watch Speaks rather than sings the time to the user. However If you find the Idea of a Singing watch More appealing than a speaking watch I am open to the Idea.


      • A singing version of this design could be created by using synthesiser distressed Voice Effects. Like those used by electronic / dance music artist Daft Punk or like the Auto Tune style of USA Rapper Kanye West.


  2. Definitly a cool idea for those that are visually impaired, I’ve seen a watch that says the time before, was pretty neat 5/Y


  3. I was worried when I saw the first images that it was too similar to Samukun’s OTO watch from last year. But the other images are suitable different. Talking watches are geeky cool. If you could download different voices even better. I can imagine having Ozzy Osbourn swearing the time out at me for some reason! lol
    5/Y Best of luck! 😀


      • ░░░░░░░░███████████████░░░░░░░░


    • I like the idea that you could have guest voices pre-load or download to The Karaoke watch. like the guest voices that you can download to your Sat-Nav: Science Fiction: Yoda, Female: Angellina Jolie, Male Christian Bale (Batman).


  4. Good idea Anders, a good alternative to Sam’s OTO. I can imagine this design in reality, must rock!



  5. I don’t like speaking watches. ( I had one ). For that reason, I wouldn’t buy one.

    But I like the waves idea on the “useless” screen, and it nice to think about the visually impaired & blind peoples.


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