Oblique LCD watch combines a unique look with feminine style.

Design submitted by Heather (USA) & Laszlo (Hungary)

Heather & Laszlo say: Most, if not all, ladies’ fashion watches on the market right now are analog.  The digital watches available are generally sporty and made of plastic or rubber with boring monochrome displays.  Ladies’ watches have seldom been tackled on the Tokyoflash blog, so we decided to create a digital LCD ladies’ fashion watch.

To do so, we needed to change our perspective.  The female demographic as a whole is not looking for sci-fi themes, or alien writing, or anything where they have to calculate the time.  So, the Oblique for ladies shows the digital time using fairly traditional digits, uniquely laid out along a slanted screen, allowing the wearer to read the time at a glance, yet still providing a refreshing alternative to the boring displays currently available.

In addition, the Oblique case has a very distinctive shape, surrounding the unique slanted screen with open space and a rounded rectangular frame, giving the watch a more feminine, jewelry-like quality.

11 thoughts on “Oblique LCD watch combines a unique look with feminine style.

  1. No dislike of the overall design as such, but it looks very cheap compared with the manufacture of most TokyoFlash designs.


  2. Nice idea! Heather you are the resident female on this blog so we are counting on you to represent the ladies, job well done. I have a new watch idea comin up here soon I hope and just to let you know it’s probably not going to make a good female watch, but keep an open mind. Laszlo kudos as well 5* and good luck to both of you.


  3. BYU

    Stylish name, fabulous watch, super simple display with a nice little twist. What a nice combination of fashion accessory and LCD watch. I think the dark version is for me 😀 Good job! 5*/YES/Good luck!


  4. Looks very pretty an the digits are the right side of cryptic but easy to read. For me its just not clunky enough! lol Nice work guys 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


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