Detonator LED watch with Predator countdown

Design submitted by Paolo from Canada.

Paolo says: I’ve always wanted a device like the one the Predator wears on his wrist. Illegible graphics count down some sort of time. Alien numbers… It just looks so cool.

So I decided to design a watch that resembles that device loosely and counts down in the same fashion every minute.

There are 4 quadrants in the watch face. Each quadrant has 15 illuminated red rectangles in an “apparently” illegible pattern. The red rectangles individually disappear every second in a random pattern for a total of 60 seconds. Click the side button and a number appears in each quadrant.

I believe many types of people would wear my design. It is quite intriguing and fascinating to watch. It is not difficult to read and can attract lots of attention. Nevertheless, Predator fans might make a correlation with the movie and want it immediately. I’m quite sure of this!

Not many watches are designed to follow the length of the forearm. Most watch faces are designed to the width of the wrist. Furthermore, the 4 different quadrants and the red illuminated rectangles are very different. This is an amazing watch concept never produced before.

11 thoughts on “Detonator LED watch with Predator countdown

  1. Basically I like the animation so I gave a 5.

    However… the A button seems to bring the wearer back to reality. I mean if my friends are attracted by the animation of my watch and to see the time, they will be disappointed that this watch is a unique but normal watch.

    If this watch animation is meant to be cryptic in the first place, why not continue the effort to make the time telling cryptic as well?

    However, I must still say that the animation is nice. This watch should be usb charge watch to support this animation.


  2. I agree with you about the USB recharge idea Jarrod however I own two Kisai watches and I hardly ever wear them at work (where I would love wear them) simply because it takes to long to tell time on them. I wanted a fast read. But thank you for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time!


  3. A nice variation on a popular theme. I think the watch should have two time telling methods, digital like you show for people like me who struggle with the more cryptic styles and a more abstract version (maybe binary to keep the geeks happy) I like the fact you have made it wide like the original inspiration. But I think the proportions look on the chunky size (this maybe realistic from a production perspective) but I think because there is room width wise you may be able to lose some depth and make the whole thing look slimmer and sleeker. A nice version 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  4. Thanks a lot Pete!
    I’m happy to be here. You are right! The design could be sleeker. I’m not sure how much input we can give TokyoFlash on the design process… We’ll see! Thanks for voting and greeting me.


    • In the Predator has cloaking device. Which bends light giving it the illusion of invisibility.
      Why have transparent bracelet version of this Watch.


  5. Very cool idea Paolo! First of all the 4 vertical numbers place horizontally in that massive case look nice. Traditional, normal, finds a big clientel. Then you add this cool predator countdown and suddenly the watch is dangerous 😀 I would wear it and check out how people look hahaha. Good luck Paolo!


  6. I like the look even tho it look like it would be a chunky watch. ( bad for me because of my small wrist ) I would love it more if it had the seconds & be an LCD. ( and some colored wire on the case/band would be nice but it would make it look like a bomb timer )


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