Tachyon LCD watch with sports functions.

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says: What would a Tokyoflash sports watch look like?  That question was on my mind while I worked on maximizing digit size on the display.  The result is a cool display with extra sporty functions.

Tachyon is a sporty-tech LCD watch with 1/100 second dual split/lap stopwatch,  16 split/lap recall memory, countdown timer, alarm, time, date, and EL backlight.  In time, date, and countdown modes, the displayed digits are very large — accomplished by overlaying two different “fonts” for the hours and minutes (months and days in date mode, minutes and seconds in countdown mode).  For example, in time mode, the hours use an outline font and the minutes are thin and solid.  Despite the overlay, it is still easy to read all the digits.

The display is an always-on mirror LCD in negative display mode.  Digits are shown by turning off colored LCD segments to reveal the mirror, meaning that the digits are continuous without breaks.  The mirrored gaps between segments form a grid in the background, which adds to the technological style.

When using the stopwatch, the split or lap time is shown on the left and the cumulative time is shown on the right, both to hundredths of a second accuracy.  Small segments surrounding the split or lap time are turned off to count the split or lap.

Blinking segments are used as indicators.  The bottom left blinks when the alarm is set, the top right while in date mode, the bottom right while in countdown mode.

The case is aluminum with a matte finish and the watch band is high-quality smooth silicone.  Ideally, the watch would be waterproof to typical sport swim depths, so it could be used for aquasports.

If you want a large always-on display that you can read at a glance, but that still looks complicated, Tachyon is for you.  Or, if you’re bored with traditional stopwatches and want this functionality on a techy design, it’s a great choice.

Tachyon’s large display has visual complexity, but it’s still easy to read.  The extra sporty functions would be new to the Tokyoflash catalog.

14 thoughts on “Tachyon LCD watch with sports functions.

  1. Wow, man. There’s so many cool things you could do with this design, animation wise. The possibilities are limitless. I love the overlay of the characters. It forms this strange, disorderly perfection that just works. Too cool, Logan. I voted this one way way up.


  2. Awesome Logan! Welcome back!! Super cool overlay of numbers: looks artsy cryptic but is a piece of pie to read – the tokyoflash effect. Nice name too: for sci-fi fans hehe. Sporty functions are welcome… maybe I do more sports then. The case style is ok, something for Tokyoflash to make a seller 😉 5*/I’d buy it. Good luck Logan!


  3. Smart idea Logan. Those timers included are a very nice bonus for any watch owner, even if your not using it for sports.
    I love the overlay too, works really nicely.


  4. Nice one Logan! Better execution than something previously featured in this blog! I think the case is okay with this design, make it thin and it will be a winner!


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