Synaesthesia LED Binary Sequential Watch

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

The following LED Binary sequential Watch is inspired by the condition synaesthesia: people who have this sensor condition see sound especially music notes as colour. Furthermore this is also how scientists in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind communicate with a race of alien that speak a musical / tonal use different colour to represent different musical notes / words etc.

The time is displayed in binary sectors: Hours 1-12, Ten Minutes: 10-50 & single minutes: 1-9. Each Time Sector is assigned a musical note: Hours: A, Ten Minutes: B Flat & Single Minute: C Sharp. For each LED Light & Note that activates on e unit within a time sector has elapsed. Yellow: AM / Orange: PM do not have a assigned note & remain lit through the Time sequence light.

This watch will appeal to anyone with an interest in music as their Three Musical instrument style for this watch:

Black IP – Electronic Synthesizer (Casio/Korg)

Stainless Steel – Guitar Riffs (Lead/Bass)

White Acetate – Electric Organ

This watch is unlike anything other watch on the market today.

I do not want to insult anyone one with synaesthesia, I merely used the name of this condition to illustrate the concept behind the design.

6 thoughts on “Synaesthesia LED Binary Sequential Watch

  1. Hi Andrew, This looks like a fun and colourful design. I like the time telling premis but I have never been a fan of phases (im just too impatient) would be nice if you have three rings of facets so the whole time could be shown at the same time. I dont know however how your musical notes would fit in there of course. Maybe the animation would still be phased with the notes but all three parts of the time would then stay on the display together for a period of time. This one has potential I think, 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


  2. I thought I had been a bit too ambitious with this Multi LED & musical noteWatch design concept.
    Needless to say I am very pleased that it was select for publication.
    This is the seventh watch design concept that I have on the Tokyo Flash Blog. Why not check out My other Watch concept designs by clicking on the Following Link:


  3. I like the overall look, but not the musical notes idea. And it’s a 12-5-9 display, not a binary. Because it’s a 3 phases, I wouldn’t buy.


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