Retro Computer Games Inspired LCD Watch

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

The following LCD Analogue / Binary Hybrid watch design concept is based on the Retro Computer Game: Asteroids. Where A space craft in the centre of the screen shoot laser blasts at asteroid floating through Space in order to break them up / destroy them. The LED Back Light changes in shade to mark the transition from  Dull / Pale Shade; AM to lighter / Brighter Shade: PM.

The Arrow shaped:Space Craft in the centre of the screen acts as the Hour Hand.

The position to which the Tip of  the arrows point is equal to the current hour.

The Shield Bonus is used to display if the Alarm is activated: Shield On /Raised: Off / Shield Lowered. The Asteroids are used to display the Number Of minutes that have elapsed with any given Hour: Large: 10 Minutes, Small: Single Minutes.

This watch will appeal to anyone who likes Retro Computer Games.

This watch is a hybrid watch design that uses both Analogue & Binary animations to display. If constructed it would available in the following watch bracelet / strap materials: Black IP, Stainless Steel &  White Acetate plus you would be able to select from any of various LED Back Light colours show for each Bracelet.

10 thoughts on “Retro Computer Games Inspired LCD Watch

  1. I like the idea of this and the inspiration is a very good one. For me the hex shaped display is a bit much with all the detail thats going on. I think you should stick with a square or rectangular screen shape as this suites the console display the game would have been seen on. It would be really cool if the animation showed all the asteroids floating about at the begining and the ones not needed for the time get desroyed by the ship etc. Nice idea Andrew with potention imho 5/Y best of luck! 😀


    • I choose a Hexagonal Watch face so that it would stand out from other watch design concepts.
      However if a Rectangle or Square Watch is more appealing / in keeping with a retro console screen: Television
      then I am will to change the shape of the watch face.
      Furthermore I agree that only the asteroids / Meteors need to be Shown on the display the excess can be removed. Also the positions of the Asteroids / Meteors do not need to be static. They could move around the watch face freely & Collide / destroy the spacecraft at the Start / top of every Hour.


  2. This is the Sixth Watch Design concept that I have had the privilege of being published on the Tokyo Flash Design blog & would like to invite you to offer advice or add our comments about how this or any other of watch designs could be improve or altered. I know that I have sent multiple watch design over the last few months & weeks & not all are not quite of a high enough standard to be added to the Tokyo Flash Blog. Or Simply someone else may have come up with a better design that warrants publication more. Andrew Joy

    Please Check out my other Design by clicking on or by Copy & PASTING the following Link:


  3. Well I guess you and I draw from the same inspirations, Andrew 🙂 and I personally like the hex case. Name: Half-Pastroids?


  4. I like the idea and the overall look. I have 2 suggestions : 1 ) lower the 10 & 40 minutes a bit, like at 3 & 9 o’clock. 2 ) It would be nice to have hours indicators. 4* and I would buy.


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