Chaos of Numbers Watch Design

Design submitted by Alex from the UK.

Alex says: The inspiration for this design actually came from that old snake game we have all played on those old mobile phones. I also thought what is more original for displaying numbers than by using other numbers.

The display at first looks chaotic however the hours are shown by the row of LED’s at the top, the current hour will flash and then this number will be the start of the LED chain that then draws the current minutes using the rest of the display.

It displays numbers in a unique and original way by drawing numbers onto the display using only other random numbers. At first it looks confusing and chaotic however at a touch of a button the time can be easily read. This design can also be made into a LCD version.

18 thoughts on “Chaos of Numbers Watch Design

  1. It took a couple re-reads but I think I understand the concept now. So the hour is shown in a normal digit along the top row and the minute is shown by drawing a larger number using the unlit rest of the display using the smaller numbers as single pixels?

    In any case, I think an animation or example at least is necessary to help this design along. Nice first post, however, and welcome to the blog, Alex!


  2. Alex, I don’t get it. So is the time something hours eleven minutes? I think you need some more examples – it’s unclear to me how to read the time.


  3. Is the time example 12:13? I found it a little difficult to get my head around the design from the text description, I guess your preview animation may have helped. You can link to it here in the comments if you wish, may help people understand the design better. I will wait to score the design untill after I have seen the animation. Good luck Alex! πŸ˜€


    • Yeah that makes understanding it far easier. I have had a few animations not work when posted on the blog. I hope it didnt lose you to many votes etc. I did a “snake” based design ages ago so fully support the concept. Would have been nice to see this design complete with strap etc. But as it is a rectangle it could be worked into many housings including existing TF housings which should add some viablity. 5/Y best of luck Alex! πŸ˜€


  4. I wouldn’t buy that. here why : the snake thing combined with the laser-cut numbers is horrible. ( if it was on a smaller, normal, LCD display it would be nicer )


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