RBG Circular 12-5-9 LCD watch

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: I like the idea of a circular 12-5-9 watch because it looks cryptic and familiar at the same time. Inspired by the possibilities of colored LCD (Kisai 3D Unlimited), I made this colorful RBG LCD concept.

The time is told by the amount of radial (cake piece shaped) segments on a circular display. Big red segments tell the hours 1-12. The end of each display corresponds to an analog watch hand. So if it ends at the right position for example, it’s 3h. Smaller green segments show the 10-minute increments 1-5. To fill up the display, the fifth green segment is not 1/12 of the circle but the size of the remaining part until the 12h position. The smallest radial segments are blue and tell the single minutes 1-9. Here again, the last segment is bigger to complete the circle. Each LCD layer can be made in another color of course. The different sized segments create a nice irregularity, but not only these. Each radial segment consists of a varying amount of circular segments. This allows a) diversion throughout the day b) alternative display layouts (check “inside out” and “outside in” in the images) and c) cool animations. The amount of circular segments is irrelevant for time telling – it’s just for entertainment.

The time telling is a mix of counting and remembering an analog watch display and should work easily after some days although the display looks cryptic at first glance. Next to the cryptic look stands the colorful artistic look – there are many many different appearances possible depending on color, size, amount and layout of the segments.

28 thoughts on “RBG Circular 12-5-9 LCD watch

    • I think I get it. So in the 2:55 example, there are 2 red segments, 5 black segments and 5 blue segments (the latter including a large segment to fill the remaining space).

      Sorry to say, but that last one is clunky to me. I think the number of segments should finish on the number that is being referenced. If I were you, I’d look for a way to fill the remaining space – perhaps with another colour. If I had the money, I would probably still buy it, but that last reading which includes a big segment would be a niggly point.

      Good luck, Samu kun!

      Ditorikku kun!


  1. Hi Sam, I have a little problem with reading the minutes, the first example of Table 6:49?
    6, OK
    4, OK
    but 9?
    In the second example 5:28, everything is clear.
    Why not stop on the nine, instead of counting the segments that do not fall on the 9th? (reading is perhaps too analog?)
    I hope the translation is clear?
    I like the idea!
    5 * / Yes.


    • Yes yes πŸ˜€ The 9 of the nine last minutes and the 5 of the five 10min steps are are where you expect them on an analog watch but are made bigger to fill up the display. I thought I mentioned it in the description… But that’s just for fun. If it’s too confusing, the segments should be normal size then. I just thought it looks more interesting to keep the last segements bigger (diversion) and the blank space gets reduced.

      The reading can’t be too analog, it is the necessary basis to easily read the watch. I hope after some time, counting is not necessary. And if you count, the last segemnts are just 1 segment (radial gaps in them), only bigger.

      Thanks for the input and the support Patrick!


  2. Wow another awesome one Sam, i am a fan of the 12-5-9 format so this is right up my alley 5/Y πŸ™‚


  3. The time telling takes a little getting used to. I have read the description and few times and looked at the time examples and some are still difficult for me. I think this is something I would soon get used to tho. The thing looks fantastic and very technical looking which would sell it for me alone. Very Sam design! 5/Y Best of luck sir! πŸ˜€


  4. I am speaking mostly to the case and strap, here, as most of the posts thus far have adequately covered the time telling method (which I like btw). The case is a nice, perfect circle, which is gorgeous on some watches, and this one falls directly into that category.

    The band, I also really like, but I think it would be best served as a PU strap with SS clasp and holes instead of metal link, or cutting the band as with Seven. Rated 5/y for teh awzum.


      • No worries Sam, I just get so frustrated when people get unfair scores! There’s no need! Even if you don’t like a design cos of personal taste or can’t get your head around the time telling method doesn’t make it bad and deserving of a low rating. Anyway mini rant over, good luck to you sir! : D


  5. Im not sure what to comment, but I think its a nice design. With right combo of color I will definitely consider getting one. I can imagine the result, I remember classic handheld game with multicolor lcd during my younger time 20 years back. 5*


    • Oh Fir, if you can still find an image of this LCD game, it would be cool to see.

      Thanks for the comment and the support! Did you find a cool color combo for yourself or would you like to see another one?


  6. “The amount of circular segments is irrelevant for time telling – it’s just for entertainment.”

    Until you ( I ) understand this, it’s hard to tell the time. ( my instinct make me count these )

    It’s a nice model, I like the buttons rendering. My fav is : Chrome with red/orange/black display.


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