Morph watch literally transforms itself into numbers!

Design submitted by Romain from France.

Romain says: I had the idea of this watch by seeing people walking around with a Morphsuit, a very thin and very stretchy suit. I thought it would be nice with a watch.

This watch seems to be made of one piece, because it is covered with a stretchable tissue . The wristband is made of rubber or silicone, so it fits to any wrist. It is very easy to tell the time : you click on the button at the bottom (which is hidden by the tissue) and the watch will successively take the shape of the four time numbers. Inside the watch, six spindles move and stretch the tissue to make the shape of the numbers.

I think this watch is for anyone who want a discrete watch but nevertheless eccentric and different from other watch. Moreover, it is possible to access to many variations : it just needs to put a tissue with different motifs.

This watch is really different from previous ones because it is no longer the watch that tells time, it is the watch that is itself the time.

17 thoughts on “Morph watch literally transforms itself into numbers!

  1. Welcome to the blog Romain!

    It’s a very cool and eccentric idea, however, I’m unconvinced that the digits will show properly and that the watch will look too nice when unactivated.

    I’m in love with the idea though and for that reason, I’m voting 5*. It’s a fresh, new, and very technologically possible way to display the time. Maybe this just isn’t the exact watch look to do it with though.

    I hope these points help you and I’m looking forwards to seeing future designs from you!


  2. The idea is comlètement crazy and I do not know if it is possible to tell time with a form as much flexible? But for really original idea, I note 5 * and Yes!


  3. EPIC IDEA! Reminds me of the organic game pods from the movie eXistenZ 😀 Very nice presentation, you show some views, the technology you imagine, the numbers and coloooooors. I think, I wouldn’t wear such a watch, but thus watch must be, because it’s a really new approach to time telling and it’s funny. 5* and good luck Romain! Welcome to the blog 🙂


  4. I agree with Jordan, Patrick and Sam,
    and as they, I particularly appreciate its originality.
    Vote 5 *.
    Good luck for your design and welcome to Blog Romain.


  5. Welcome to the blog Romain. Very cool and fresh idea. Im not entirely convinced that with your current scheme it would be feasible or reliable. That said there are new technologies being developed which would suite such a concept. I saw a programe about sythetic muscles that are being developed for robots, which when a current is passed through they shorten or bend accordingly. This kinda tech would be ideal and would probably give you better shapes too. If it can be done im in 5/Y Best of luck! and nice to see some hand drawn sketches on the blog, bravo! 😀


  6. Thank you Pete. I put hand drawn sketches because I haven’t any 3d skills, but I’m glad you like it.


  7. Very interesting crazy idea, but I like crazy different stuff and therefore am handing out 5 stars. Welcome to the blog 🙂


  8. Hi Jordan,
    I find your idea cool and original. However the execution will not be that easy to return a GREAT RESULT.
    As mentioned by Pete, there are on market some “Nitinol muscles wire” or “Shape Memory Alloys” that contracts themselfs by eating.
    You can find some infos here:

    Happy prototype building….;)


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