Viking Rune LED watch invokes the elders

Design submitted by Mark from New Zealand.

Mark says: “Archaeologists have discovered an ancient runic inscription on a piece of stone ballast in the preserved remains of an unearthed longship revealing that not only did the master rune that all runes are created from was used to write words, but also used to tell the time with each rune representing an hour of the day”.

Hi all, my inspiration for this concept came as you no doubt have guessed from my little opener above is from the Viking age and the runic alphabet known as the Elder Futhark. I was randomly looking up Viking art when I saw a picture of the “master rune” and could see that I could have a go at making it into a watch idea.

The word “rune” actually means mystery, secret or whisper which ties in well with the displays cryptic looks. The LED’s are laid out in the form of the 9 staves which created the “master rune” from which the 24 runes in the Elder Futhark alphabet could be constructed.

The time telling method is a 12-5-9 format with each hour represented by a red led, 5 groups of 10 minutes in blue and 9 single minutes in green. As well as telling the time in a different way this watch can also display the runes to spell words one rune at a time. Dual colour LED’s could be used to display the runes in a single colour instead of having them multicoloured. There could also be multiple LED’s under each segment to make the rune shapes more accurately displayed.

Each rune would be assigned to an hour of the day and be displayed automatically for the first several seconds at the start of each hour before displaying the time then switching off to save power. An am/pm indicator would be displayed to enable setting the time correctly with the two buttons on the side. A USB rechargeable battery would be utilised to power this watch.

This would be great to help get those who go “A-Viking” aka get to work on time, battling the world each day and be able to return home from the battlefield on time for the nightly feast. Whose got the mead and ale hehe 🙂

20 thoughts on “Viking Rune LED watch invokes the elders

  1. Thankyou TF for posting this 🙂

    This is my first attempt at using any kind of 3d software Larry, still learning the ins and outs of blender 🙂


  2. Great first submission KV! Welcome to the blog! Who would have thought that ancient runes could inspire such a futuristic looking design? The time telling is simple and cryptic, my only concern is the clarity or the indidually LEDs, I think they would need bigger gaps between them so they are not misread, but this is a minor detail. Nice graphics considering how new you are to the software! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  3. Nice one, Krautesh. It looks a bit plasticky for me…if it was steel I might buy. I like the concept, though, so 5*


    • Cheers, like I said above im still learning how blender works, if this got made i’d like it to be metal 🙂


  4. Hi Mark. Full marks for inovation using concepts from the the past to take us into the future. I love the use of history in your design and knowledge shows you have researched the background of your concept. Very well done. So I give you 5 out of 5!


  5. The overview image (image #6) is really helpful! I like the web-ish rune inspired display, it’s super hard to read for everyone but actually super easy if you took some time to learn it. Hours – analog based. Rest can be counted. That’s it 🙂

    Mark, you told me, there are gaps between the red segments, but the camera is too far away for them to be seen. Add gaps afterwars. Cheat and tweak and push and pull to make sure, that in the end it’s only the time telling mechanism that makes people wonder, not technical difficulties. That said, I should follow my advise and tweak some images of mine hehe.

    Good luck Mark!


  6. I think it is hard to explain whats going on here but I really like the cryptic layout. If you can manage to make it one color and simpler readability this could be a winner! 4* and keep up good work!


  7. Hi Mark

    Fascinating new design from ancient symbols to inspire a time piece that looks futuristic. Well done. Thats at least worth a 5 star rating given its uniqueness.


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