Segments LED/LCD watch with cube like digits

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: LCD or LED watch with time and date function.

Imagine a square, slice it to 9 equal parts. On every common side make a segment. They are the numbers 1-9. Cryptic at first glance but logical.

So this is the system that I know for sneaky car dealership pricing. They only ever put at most three shapes on the vehicle, and the salesman knows the bottom dollar for the car without needing a cheat sheet. So basically they can say of yeah, it’s $20k when the sticker says $16.500 and when you agree they get a better commission.

8 thoughts on “Segments LED/LCD watch with cube like digits

  1. Like! Time telling works fine for me and it looks good. Everybody would look and wonder what the time is 😀 The cool thing is, the 7 looks like… a…. 7 😀 Some example times have little errors in the second (59=09, 55=05, 53=03). So I can say, time reading word really good. Good luck Laszlo! 5*/YES

    What’s the deal with the “So this is the system that I know for sneaky car dealership pricing.” text passage?


  2. would take some getting used to, but pretty readable. i like that there are seconds. looks a bit masculine, so i probably wouldn’t get it for myself. cool that you’ve placed the buttons where you did. 🙂


  3. I like that the seconds are there and the overall look. I would buy a negative LCD ( color lines on black display )


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