Pulse watch follows your heartbeat

Design submitted by Talgat from Kyrgyzstan.

Wished to make biotechnology but, to animations био it is not so similar))) It will pulse together with human pulse.

These hours very convenient, are easily read. Hours basically for youth, but to businessmen too will quite go they can well be combined with a jacket.

Watch for young people (and not only) These hours very readable, you will look and at once will understand will not guess and reduce an arrow. And as on the display date is visible.

14 thoughts on “Pulse watch follows your heartbeat

  1. Very nice work indeed. Using the hour marker as pulse indicator and presenting the minutes that readable is cool! As far as I know, you need an extra device to check the pulse elsewhere (like a chest belt) because the pulse on the wrist is too weak. I’m not sure, that was my last info when I tried to make a pulse watch and gave up 😉 If it can be done, I definitely buy it! 5* minimum! Maybe a beats-per-minute-display could be added so I could see when I better should slow down. Good luck for this concept and welcome to the blog!


  2. I think it’s a beautiful design. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t buy it, because I don’t want my pulse being seen. Ironically, take the pulse away and I might be in! 5*!!


  3. Really cool! I’m happy to see someone from the same country I’m from! Well done bro! Keep it up! 😉


  4. A nice design with a clean, simple, look. I like that the date is always apearing. The pulse might be too much, depending on his speed. I would buy, the red display one. 4.5*


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