Moire Patterned Analogue Watch

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design has two printed acrylic rotating discs that create a moire effect to indicate the tme.   The inner dot shows the hour and the outer dot shows the minutes.

A simple analogue watch with a twist.

14 thoughts on “Moire Patterned Analogue Watch

  1. beautiful. 5*/yes – i love that you have the subtle indicators along the circumference – without them, i could not read this, but with them, instant buy! i love the blue and black, and i would also like the blue on a silver colored case and strap. 🙂


  2. It’s a shame that it takes so long to go from posting on the blog to sales. There are so many great designs popping up, and there is no way that TokyoFlash can make all of them. This is one of my top designs on the site right now, behind only Suuji Maru by Sam, and in close competition with his more recent Tsuki ja nai design.

    Awesome, awesome watch. I would buy this in a heartbeat, even though my wallet cries out “no”


  3. A bit dizzying at times but love the character. The green and black is very eye catching and brings upon a feeling of tranquility.


  4. the idea is nice but the result is too dizzying, for me. and the dots ain’t really visible. I’ll pass.


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