Inch (reloaded) custom analog watch.

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says:Β This is a revision of my Inch concept. I have made some changes, of which I think they improve the concept.

I gave the watch a sleeker look, giving it a more dynamic shape and distinguishing the strap’s sides from their faces with a translucent matte material.

The display is experiencing the biggest change.
First, I gave it two magnetic watch hands that are clearly readable and loosely fixated on the bottom of the display so they can still be influenced by the two magnets in the bottom part of the case. That part is carrying a rather traditional analog watch mechanism now with the just mentioned magnets working as watch hands.

The readability was improved by adding indicators this time and taking the decision, of making indicators, away from the wearer. This is making his/her life a tad easier. The more traditional watch hands and the indicators are giving the watch a proper face now, independent from the material, that can be put into the straps.

The watch is again 1000 in 1. You can draw or print or cutout your own strips that have to be one inch in width. Whatever you like – show it! Inch is individual like a Swatch or a Nooka watch, but customisable like a computer desktop background.

Inch is your playground, now play πŸ™‚

40 thoughts on “Inch (reloaded) custom analog watch.

    • I don’t see any big changes as a big deal, but I definitely enjoy this post on artistic side. Very well Samu-chin. This should be featured in Martha Stewart show! 5* and probably yes would buy for someone else, maybe my for my mom’s birthday.


  1. i like the improvements a lot. the customization possibilities are still wide open, but it will always be easy to read with the hands and indicators. one suggestion – when the watch is sold, there should be some choices of ready made strips for sale as well (such as the awesome colored foil ones)…for those who may be less do it yourself, but still want to swap colors and styles. 5*/yes


    • Oh yeah, maybe some themed 3-pack collections could be made and sold optionally. For example RED PACK (red clear foil, red metallic foil, red stripes) or a CLEAR PACK (with different colors). Maybe an online editor can be programmed so one can print out strips without having Photoshop skills. It would be cool if people with every amount of creativity could be served…

      Thanks alot for your comment and the vote Heather!!!


  2. Perhaps, Tokyoflash could also sell 1-inch inserts created from user-uploaded graphics. The user might not have access to ideal insert material, and I imagine it wouldn’t be too expensive for Tokyoflash to print them.

    Even though I like the customizability, my favorite inserts are the simple colored foils.

    If possible, offer a choice of light- or dark-colored body/hands/hour marks, for better contrast depending on whether the custom insert is dark or light.

    The shape is great, and strikes me as being suitable for both genders.


    • That’s just a great idea Logan. There could be a mini design challenge just for the strips and the top… 100? will be produced. It would be like selling 100 watches suddenly! Or they make it top 10 and make regular challenges each season or holiday.

      It’s good, you found a favorite. I hoped to reach the every day creators as well as the ones that are happy with one design for the year πŸ˜‰

      Contrast is a wise point. It’s a limitation in my pictures, but I think a metallic material is the best for the hands. What is grey in the images is an ever changing reflective material in the real world. Even with a metallic backround, the hands can be seen good. But I like the idea for another reason. Offering a black, a white and a metallic version would please even more people. Hmmm white hands on blue stripes…. so stylish!

      I hoped it to appear unisex – strike!

      Logan, thank you very much for your thoughts!!!


  3. Yes, I agree with Logan, not everyone just printing the correct image strips and tastefully, at the risk of watering down this beautiful concept.
    5 * / Yes to the good work.


    • Hmhm, agreed. But there are people who are already happy to wear their own design on the wrist even when it’s not super fashionable. I can see girlies sticking some plastic diamonds on the straps and inserting pink crayon drawings πŸ™‚

      Thanks alot Patrick!!


      • I agree with you Sam, it’s a matter of perspective, anyway your watch is very beautiful even without decoration.


      • I would make a strap that would only cover the display part, because of the magnets, and leave the wristband clear.


  4. I loved the original design and I love this one even more! Its got the the best bits of the original plus a more grown up appearance, the new face and matte sides really make it far more sofisticated. The magnetic hands feel more feasible and reliable than the original ball. This should do well! 5*****/Yes Sir! Best of luck!


    • I wonder if it would be possible to print that lenicular hologram material thin enough for this concept. I could imagine a 3d moving space invader type thing going on! that would be awesome! πŸ˜‰


    • Thank you very much for you comment Pete! And for the vote :3 I’m glad the new look is welcome.

      Oh yeah those lenticular thingies can be pretty flexible. That would be an awesome addition. I would definitely try that out.


  5. Oh well done. I prefer this one. The case is better integrated to the strap. Or vice versa.

    Definitely beautiful and technically clever. Good job Sam !


    • Thank you Nico!

      Yeah, the more fluent conncection of case and straps were big point for me. The first version was more additive, this is more organic or as Peter says, more grown up πŸ™‚


  6. Love the design and wicked renderings. But how does the insert run through the pin where the hands are? Would there be a cut down the middle of the insert? If went under the movement then the movement would sit on top of the inset.

    Again love the design but just wonder how it would be possible in 1 piece.


    • Hey Tim, thanks for your comment!

      The pin of the hands end above the cavity for the insert. When you look close at the cross section up there, you can see the pin where the hands overlap (it’s not outlined but it’s there). The movement is below the insert, but the hands are above it, connceted magnetically to the movement:)


      • great design and great idea πŸ™‚ 5* from me, BUT…

        I have the same concerns as Tim and I’m almost 100% sure your idea with magnetic analogue hands dont work for a hundred reasons :(( Already the insert paper alone would have already very negative effects on the magnetic field. This field also cant be too strong. Otherwise it would just kill the analogue movement instantly. Last but not least, how to avoid, that the hands dont stuck, when they overlap (e.g. at 12.00)?

        However, maybe it could be solved on a similar way: use a high shaft analogue movement. For the dial area the paper/design could be inserted separately and not together with the main stripe. Cut the right side (3 o’clock position) in same heights as the “inch” logo (maybe 3mm). There is some similar concept at some promotion wall clock:

        Or how you think to really solve this technically? πŸ™‚


  7. Beutiful and smart concept except for the classic kind of analog watch itself…
    If you removed the analog view and replaced it with that beautiful old tokyoflash design where time were shown only with 2 circles moving like planets around the dial center (One open circle for hours and one black for minutes)
    Then that would be a more futuristic design…
    A design that would tell the time just with a glance wrapped in this absolutely great idea of a wrist…
    I have bought quite a few of Tokyoflash designs but always return to this easy to read 2 circle design
    where no buttons have to be pushed to use it…


    • Mhhhh also nice way to tell time for the INCH. Hm, I hoped to reach more people with the rather traditional time telling. The planetoid time telling isn’t neutral enough to go with any type of strap inserts I think. If the watch looks futuristic or not, depends on the wearer. But still, I see your point πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts, Thor!


  8. Sam you are getting a bit predictable with your designs. Its just awesome after awesome after awesome. I think you should design a few crap watches just to mix it up a bit – keep things interesting! :p

    I love the fact that its kind of only half designed and is up to the user to create their own inserts. One watch with unlimited possibilities. Customisation for the win!


    • Hehe, thank you Scott – very nice to read!

      Yeah, customization is becoming more and more a minimum requirement for everything. INCH is making it so easy.

      Crap watches, mh… I can make some, that are just admired by a smaller amount of people πŸ˜‰ For now I’m happy how this one is recieved.


  9. Hi. I don’t know if this has been brought up. I think this is a great design, but I have one issue: wouldn’t stuff be liable to get stuck in the channel? Imagine sand getting in there, or chewing gum or something! Or the design tearing off…

    I have a solution to this, however. Instead of slipping the material into the channel, why not have the ability to slip off the whole backing plastic? Then you would easily be able to put your paper (or other) design into this backing plastic, then slip the plastic and the design back onto the watch.

    I’m not sure how this would work – but to me it would make it far easier to change designs.


    • Very good comment dzign! Thanks for thinking this through.

      The issue you are mentioning would require some more serious research, once the watch would go to the next step. I think, leaving a gap as wide a s the “helping holes” I left in the back of the strap would be the solution (until a better comes up hehe). This way you have a) still a proper channel for the inserts b) a good opportinuity to blow or wipe each area out, assuming, the straps are that flexible and c) it’s still one part – nothing to lose. With research I mean, is it easier/safe to have one watch and the inserts or having a covering part, that needs to be removed each time? There are probably 10 points with several options that have to be compared and evaluated. It’s definitely a good point, you found there πŸ™‚


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  11. It’s over for now so this is my last comment on here for this concept. It was fun. Fun to make these images and fun to read all the comments. Thank you for supporting this concept! Feel free to stop by at my page for updates or some extra images unseen on here.

    Stay creative, stay critical, stay tuned!

    Sam from Germany


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