Hi-Five LED watch with MP3 player.

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: This concept LED watch design is called “Hi Five”. The idea came to me as I was thinking about the way light falls on the grooves of a vinyl record.

In both time and date modes the 4 digits are subtly displayed around a ‘record’ so as to simulate light reflecting on a record’s grooves. To indicate when the watch is in date mode, a small red light comes on in the bottom left corner of the display. Please take a look at the diagrams below.

This watch is USB rechargeable via a computer. Its strap is made from animal friendly material and the LCD display is “always on”. It comes with a choice of several different coloured straps, either plain or with a funky record pattern, and the LED display comes in different colours too. The watch also doubles as an MP3 player.

I feel this design would appeal to anyone who likes records, music and quirky retro things.

This design stands out because of its eye-catching case and novel display which can be read at a glance. It is also unusual for a watch to be an MP3 player too.

37 thoughts on “Hi-Five LED watch with MP3 player.

  1. Very fun design and really easy to read the time. Loving the record style pattern on the strap. Nice retro feel, in a word “funky”! High 5/Yes
    Best of luck Mushy!

    (ps. your graphics are really improving!)


  2. LOVE the digits…would like the overall design better if it wasn’t so literal….the circular display by itself is enough…5* – great job!


  3. Lloyd … once again out of box imagination … design is so cute … anyone fall in love with your design … nice n’ lively colors … Please accept my Hi Five …


  4. Very Appropriate that it is also an MP3 Player. Literal or not, it is very cool. It is so easy to read, but would look incomprehensible at first to many people. The patterned band is a nice touch too. I would buy lots of them, they would make great gifts, because as well as being a modern stylish watch, the concept is very useful, and most people use MP3 players. It would also be great if it could have wireless earplugs too!
    I really love it.



  5. I reckon you’ve got a bit of a winner here Lloyd, very funky 😉

    One thing i’d wonder about; does it has enough bouttons for the mp3 function to be properly useable? Two might not be enough. If/when TF make it, might need some extra gubbins.

    Something to keep in mind if you use the mp3-player-in-a-watch idea in the future.

    Still, very much a 5!

    (Pete’s right too, you’re getting much better at the graphics bit!)


  6. Wow I can totally imagine this animated!!! The digits are very cool, especially because you created a theme around them. They really look like record reflections (when having two light sources). First I though, the record player details are a bit cheesy, but now I think, they could be flat and dark lines as shown or even profiled relief in material color. One little (and pretty picky) point, the 1 could be in the middle of the number’s section so the display would be a tad more balanced. The date indocator is cool. The MP3 player function also. But if it weren’t there, the watch would still rock! 5 parties in a row/YES. <(^^)/


    • Thanx Sam. 😉 I had the same concerns as you about the design and thought I could just do the outlines of the record players arm and buttons to try and keep it simple. I did wonder if I should centralise the “1”s too, but then thought I’d leave them positioned to the right as they appear in digital numbers.


  7. There is already one based on the turntable style, it’s awesome… so this idea isn’t completely original. It’s called the RPM, and it actually has grooves in the top that actually reflect the light. and the mp3 player/watch combo isn’t new to me, you can buy wrist strap accessories for the new ipod nano, and you can make it a watch… and plus the design could use some touching up here and there. on the other hand, though, that’s a cool way to display the numbers. congratulations on getting on the blog, and good luck!


    • Hi Ninja! I think most people here know about the “RPM” but it’s a very different watch design to this one. For a start you have to count lights around the edge to tell the time. There are also at least a couple of other record player based watches that I know of available on the internet, but they all use more traditional time-telling methods like hands. I added the MP3 player just because it seemed appropriate. I only said that it was “unusual” for a watch to be an MP3 player as well. Here’s an interesting article posted by Tokyoflash a few months ago which you might find interesting:


      I’m glad you like the groovy digits. 🙂



  8. Hi Mushy, the first thought I had, seeing your new creation, it’s the “cool”, attractive and entertaining.
    5 * / Yes, with pleasure!


  9. Love this one! Really dig the retro/futuristic fusion. Your eyes will be treated to a surprise when they adjust to see the numbers in the groove of the clever hi-fi player. One of Lloyd’s freshest and cleverest watch designs that I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

    5 and yes. Keep them comin’!


  10. I feel if it was to be a MP3 player it should have some more buttons in order to play tracks, anyways nice design.


  11. Fantastic design — I think I would wear that even if it didn’t have a working mp3 player!

    Another great idea, Lloyd…keep them coming!

    Sean (BrainBoggler)


    • Cheers Craig! I used 24 hour display because most people seem to want that. Maybe TF could give the option of displaying both. Anyway, thanx for your feedback.


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