Alien Toy Pocket Watch Style Pendant

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: I was decided to design a pocket watch based on designer toy and I find the way to using to’s one eye as a watch

Here I use traditional way to tell the time based on two points: white-hours, black-minutes.

Peoples who like pocket watches, designer toys and who always stay a child in the soul

Mix of designer toy and watch.

14 thoughts on “Alien Toy Pocket Watch Style Pendant

  1. Hi Andy, I like your project, because it resembles the project which I sent, more than one month ago with TF (never published?).
    So I’m glad I had an idea similar to yours, because I appreciate your work in general.
    5 * / Yes to all of your work!


    • If you said to someone you were planning to design an alien figure based watch design and asked what are the chance of someone else coming up with a similar idea you would think there is no chance! lol
      Only on this blog! hehe
      I hope we see your version too Patrick! 😀


      • Hi Pete, I would like to have my project on Blog to have criticisms and to evolve, simply. Without any pretension.
        Andy is an experienced designer, so I’m glad I had the same idea on the pendant, even though my project is not identical.


  2. It cant be said that this design is boring or not imaginative that is for sure. Its great fun and I can imagine it going down very well with a certain audience. Unfortuneately I am not part of that audience and would not buy this. I support the design but its not for me. Best of luck Andy! 😀


    • There are definitely huge audiences for this kind of watch, I know other brand that has something like this, and they always out of stock! Andy is aware of this matter, I smell him is knowledgeable about the industry… well, it’s a good decision if this baby is considered to be made. If I’m him or you (Andy), I’ll submit several variation of these babies to cater more audience… may be alien ninja or kaizoku babies… babes…. Jaaa XD


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