Zodiac Analogue watch does not require mystical powers to read.

Design Submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: This concept is based on various world Zodiac such as The Western Zodiac, The Chinese Zodiac & The Aztec Calendar. I call this concept: The Zodiacs

This concept is a analogue movement watch. Instead of Hands their are Two discs with a slit cut into them. As the Hour & Minute Disc move they expose the Coloured Back light with only light up when the Back light button is press on the watch.

Each Zodiac Design is etched on to / in to a smoked glass or metal lens that fits over the moving discs of this watch. The outer Ring is used as the PM Indicator.

Anyone in to astrology, star gazing & Mystic symbolism.

A unusual twist to an analogue watch.

11 thoughts on “Zodiac Analogue watch does not require mystical powers to read.

  1. Nice background. What’s special about this design is the use of mythical symbol as theme. I can agree if this design is produces to mass market where buyer want easy analog with cryptic design ( not necessarily time telling ). Good job and keep the idea coming 😉


  2. The idea and theme are nice, as are the visuals. If you could incorporate the Zodiac images into the time telling method it would be awesome. 5 stars for the idea, but no as this is not something I would buy for myself.
    Keep up the good work and best of luck! 😀


  3. I don’t see the point of all that Zodiac crap when it doesn’t serve any practical part of the time telling, the images could be of absolutely anything. The basic watch, with no background is OK in a minimalist kind of way.


  4. I would like to Thank Tokyo Flash for publishing this this concept on their Blog. If you like this Concept design please leave a comment on this entry & suggestions you might have to improve this design. Furthermore please check out & Comment on my Other design on this Blog: Triple Yin Yang.


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